Is your tongue skilful enough for a cherry stem?

I ordered a banana split at my favourite ice-cream place - Wishbone (at Bukit Timah Plaza). Banana splits always come with cherries on top but the cherry on my banana split did not have a stem. I remarked to my friend that it was strange for the cherry not to have a stem. He replied, "Why? Are you going to tie a knot with the stem using your tongue?"

When I was a teenager, people used to say that those who are able to do that are good kissers. I was never able to do it and it looked impossible to do. Besides, I can't even roll my tongue (it's genetic). I thought was born to being a bad kisser. Of course, after I tried kissing, I realised it's got nothing to do with whether you can roll your tongue or tie a knot on a cherry stem. And neither does it have any connection with whether a person is good at giving oral sex. If someone's tongue is skilful enough for a fruit stem, it does not mean it's good enough in someone else's mouth or on genitals.

In case you want to try knotting a stem, here's a guide on how to do it: Using your tongue to tie a knot on a cherry stem

A person suggested faking it by knotting a stem beforehand with your hands and popping it into your mouth when nobody is looking. When everyone's watching, pop the other stem into your mouth, pretend to move your mouth as if you're knotting the stem, then pull out the pre-knotted one. Spit out or swallow the other stem.

If you ever see me trying to fake it, play along ok? :P

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David said...


Sounds like fun!

I'll play along.


Faith makes it possible, not easy.

-- Sally Nguyen

Anonymous said...

Try doing it with a strand of spaghetti.. That really separates the men from the boys since it is much slipperier.. ;)

D Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I can! But being a good kisser requires first, a good partner!

Yu-Kym said...

What's the use of being able to knot a strand of spaghetti? Would it impress someone enough to want to kiss/sleep with you?

Anonymous said...

Exactly! this topic is so lame, I dont even know what to comment!

curious cat

Junjie said...

You like Wishbone? I totally love that place. My dad used to bring the whole family there on Sundays when I was a primary school kid, and that was even though we lived really far away.

One thing I have to get used to at my current age is the fact that many of the places I grew up with are gone. So seeing how constant Wishbone is greatly comforts me. :D

Yu-Kym said...

I used to love the food at Wishbone! But now it's only the ice cream that I love there.