How talkative should a man be?

I went out with 2 friends - a guy and a gal. My gal friend commented to me in private that the guy talks too much for a man.

Now, we know another guy whom we both think talks too little for a man. We met him separately. My friend said she read a magazine while he was eating his ice cream. I totally understood what she meant because when I went out with him, I found that we soon ran out of things to say. If people have been together for a long time, I can understand if they've run out of things to say or they are happy enjoy quiet time together. But if within 2 months, we had already run out of things to say, won't choosing to be with him mean that I'll have to live the rest of my life in silence?

Which is worse: the guy who talks too much or too little?

Some women are attracted to men who talk alot. Perhaps they think it's a sign of intelligence. (Men who talk alot usually think they are very smart or humourous). I won't want a relationship with a man who constantly talks too much. I was in a relationship with such a man. Sometimes, I get so tired of his talking that I have to ask him to observe 5 minutes of silence.

I won't want a relationship with a man who talks too little either. Some guys would just sit there listen to me talk. They'll never offer comments or share their thoughts and experience. It's like talking to a wall. They claim to be happy to listen to me talk. I believe that is true because they still want to go out with me after I've done all the talking.

Too much is no good, too little is no good. I won't take either. Am I hard to please?