Cocaine up your nose could have been up somebody's ass

A drug smuggler who swallowed 85 condoms filled with a total of 1kg of cocaine had to shit them out in front of a law enforcement officer for 5 hours. [Full Storyl]

I pity the officer!

Cocaine is also referred to as:
"coke", "snow", "flake", "nose candy", "white lady", "Bolivian rock", "toot", "blow", and "Mother of Pearl".
It is consumed by sniffing/snorting it up your nose, smoking it or injecting it.

It is produced from the leaves of the coca plant. The leaves have proven medicinal applications, e.g. as a stimulant, anaesthetic, aphrodisiac, treatment of altitude sickness and malaria. It can be consumed by chewing or in the form of tea. A de-cocainized extract of the coca leaf is supposedly an ingredient in Coca-Cola.

I seldom drink soft drinks because they increase the risk of developing osteoporosis but if I wanted have some coca extract I'd rather drink Coca-cola than snort powder that might have been up somebody's ass.

By the way, what brand of condom did the smuggler use? It seemed to be reliable against breakage.

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David said...


Cocaine is a deadly addictive drug. It destroys the life of the users and is responsible for a great deal of criminal activity around the world.

You are partially correct regarding Coco-Cola and using a cocaine extract as an ingredient.


In May, 1886, Coca Cola was invented by Doctor John Pemberton a pharmacist from Atlanta, Georgia. John Pemberton concocted the Coca Cola formula in a three legged brass kettle in his backyard. The name was a suggestion given by John Pemberton's bookkeeper Frank Robinson.

Until 1905, the soft drink, marketed as a tonic, contained extracts of cocaine as well as the caffeine-rich kola nut.

Coca-Cola classic is one of the few soft drinks I enjoy. I most often enjoy coffee, and occasionally a good cup of tea.

BTW, I trust the smuggler in this story has been dealt with.

Happy weekend!


To have God in our life, doesn't mean saling on a boat with no
storms, it means having a boat that no storm can sink!

-- Author Unknown

Anonymous said...

I can imagine the soreness of his arsehole or has the coke numbed it so much he doesnt feel a thing? lol

I have never tried drugs but I want to if I have the chance. I was in a certain country known for availability of drugs. I was on holiday. I wanted to seize the opportunity to buy some since it's sold quite openly. But i decided otherwise because in Singapore there is a chance the authorities will test you for drugs upon your return through immigration if your last embarkation is from certain countries known for drugs availability.

I am adventurous, I will try almost anything and I know i will not get addicted. Some will say "how do you know? You have never tried drugs?" I simply know. I know myself very well. I put good use to my head in life more than I use my other organs! lol

curious cat

curious cat

Anonymous said...

yewww....that's in the 1st place that he managed to swallow 85 condoms filled with cocaine?


Anonymous said...


When you are a mule doing somebody else shitwork and desperate for cash, you will swallow anything.

The thing is likely that if he gets away with it and sees his cash payment in his hands, he wont think it's so "yewww disgusting" anymore. He will probably agree to stuff them thru his other end too!

Why do you think our Creator dug out two holes, one on each end for? Both ends serve dual purposes - able to gulp and puke! Ingenious aint it? lol

curious cat

dithium said...

Curious Cat,

"I am adventurous, I will try almost anything and I know i will not get addicted." You're ringing a really loud siren there.

Anonymous said...


But you forgot I did qualify what i say..... I use my head too! lol So I am not into anal sex, tasting or swallowing semen and stuff like that! lol

And pls dont read too much into "use my head" lol and imagine that i insert my head into you know what? lol

I gotta clarify coz you can be very imaginative u know? lol

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

David, whenever I see the word "coke" I always think of Coca-cola first before thinking of it as a drug.

G, people are willing to do anything for money! Imagine if the condoms break in his body...

curious cat, you won't be a curious cat if you don't try it but you can't know for sure that you won't get addicted if you didn't actually try it.

Anonymous said...


I know for sure myself, my resolve, my willpower, my stubbornness, my limits etc keke If not I wont be what i am today....on top of the world on cloud nine. It's Ok if u doubt me. It's understandable.

Curiosity has never killed this cat. I still have nine lives. lol

curious cat

dithium said...

Curious Cat,

Err.. am not very sure what ur getting at in your reply to me. Wat was i being imaginative about??

I meant to say that you really will never know if you've not tried. Coming from my experience and people around me, self-convictions tends to leads to addiction. Taking one puff or snorting a line of coke will not cause addiction. Its the power of control one contends to possess initially that tends to lead to repetitive usage. and bam! when one come to realise, its already a psychological, physical and biological addiction.

I guess the discussions on drugs and addiction are very limited in this tightly controlled country. But yeah, i only said its ringing a loud siren, i didnt mean that you are a potential addict of any sort. I'd apologise if you think i did. :P

Anonymous said...


No worries, never ever entered my mind that you were ever offensive. No apologies needed.

Never mind too what i said about being imaginative. I was just spewing nonsense out of my mouth.

And I think what u said about self-conviction leading to addiction is totally plausible and very persuasive argument. Very wisely and well said. Thanks for the education. keke

curious cat