Are you a tech dummy?

My aunt told me that when her Internet access did not work, she called the Internet Service Provider's helpdesk. The customer service officer told her to disconnect some wires so she disconnected them. My aunt is not a "tech" person so she needed some guidance with exactly what needed to be disconnected. The officer managed to guide her along to disconnect the wires and then got her to verify some blinking lights. After that, the officer told her to re-connect the wires. My aunt didn't know how to re-connect them and the officer could not explain what needed to be connected. My aunt asked, "Why didn't you tell me I had to re-connect them?"

I've seen some people paste coloured stickers on the wires and the computer sockets so that they can remember which wire goes into which socket. I admit it: I'm a tech dummy. I used my camera.

Don't forget close up shots

I mentioned a few months ago that I was having problems with my desktop computer's mainboard. I had to take the board to the service centre to be checked. I would need to remove the mainboard and then back in myself. To avoid having to read the manual and being afraid to forget connecting any cables, I took a picture of the mainboard before disconnecting the cables.

I called the service centre before going. The customer service officer asked for the model number of the mainboard. I read out some numbers and when he did not respond, I thought I was reading the wrong number off the box. I told him that I was looking at the box (I kept the box) and I wasn't sure which number was the model number. He asked me, "Why don't you remove the mainboard and look at the number on it?" Anyway, the number I read off the box was the model number. He said I could go down to the service centre and I only needed to bring the receipt and mainboard. He repeated that a few times. I think he thought I might bring down the entire computer since I sounded like a tech dummy.

When I arrived at the service centre, I told the technician that sound card wasn't working and I could not start up the computer at one time but removing the battery and replacing the same battery solved the problem. He tested it and said the sound card was working. I looked like dummy already so no harm sounding dumber. I asked why I couldn't start up my computer previously and said that my friends told me that the problem I faced indicated that my mainboard was on probably "going to die". Acting dumb worked and the technician agreed to perform a full test on the board. After testing, he gave me a 1-for-1 exchange, i.e. a brand new board :)

I came home and fixed the board into my computer while looking at the picture I had taken earlier. My computer's working and better than ever :)


Anonymous said...


Let's face it. It was your looks and your guile that got things going for you with the service center technician lah. lol

But I'm a worse tech dummy than you. I dont think i would know its the mainboard that's causing the problem. And on top of that, I've never even removed one from a computer. lol

So combine your intelligence with your looks and guile, you will do fairly well navigating problems (including computer ones) in life. Me? I get my regular computer repairman to to solve my computer problems for me. As for other problems, I dont call him, I use what i have upstairs. hehe

curious cat

Anonymous said...

I thought this kind of lower class service attitude only happens in other country, hm... never did i think in singapore it also works the same way...

then it looks like the same service attitude is everywhere

David said...


Not the type of post a tech dummy would write.

Your knowledge of electronic devices place you on the threshold of at least intermediate Tech knowledge.

A few fun questions --
CPU type, memory and type,
(DDR or DDR2)
why the empty PCIE slot?
Even a mid-range video card would boost video intensive operations.

Great idea using photos to remember cable placement.

Having built 6 desktop computers and having an A+ cert, I suppose I know what cable goes where. So your idea is great. However you might have suggested making prints of such photos. If the PC being repaired is the users only PC with no laptop or netbook around then printed photos would save the day.

Strangely missing are photos of Singapore's Sultry Siren of Tech,(SgSST).

A mother board could be strategically placed for an appealing pose.

More please, and Happy Friday!


A Christian in his surroundings should encourage everyone to be better, instead of being the one who stoops to be like everyone else.

-- Max Lucado

Anonymous said...


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curious cat

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Yu-Kym

You now have SgSST, Singapore Sultry Siren of Tech!

I love SSG, Singapore's Sexiest Sex Guru! are gonna be famous!

David, whatever photos that Yu-Kym has put up of herself in her blogs, it aint ever enough isit? May God give you strength to restrain your wants of pics of this hot sultry sex siren that is Yu-Kym! lol

curious cat

Joseph Lim said...

Seems like your encounter for both have a very bad service attitude and also not professional enough.

Yu-Kym said...

curious cat, outsourcing is sometimes a more efficient use of time!

Anon and Joseph Lim, unfortunately service standards in Singapore aren't great. Staff usually say "No" to customers by default. I am thankful that I managed to get a replacement for my mainboard. Service was fast - about 30mins only. Impressive timing for service in Singapore!

David, right! Printing the photos would help if the person doesn't have another computer or a camera that doesn't allow zooming in. My computer is very basic. The cheapest I can get :D

curious cat, I only write about current affairs/events if I have some "insight" to offer. I'd rather deepen than broaden my topics of discussion.

Anonymous said...


I outsource because im too lazy to figure out certain stuff I feel dont deserve my time.

I've discovered that when it gets too deep it gets too hot for your comfort. keke

Anyway, its only my suggestion to broaden your topics to capture the unending events occurring everyday. You broaden your base, your increase your readership base too.

curious cat