Women deserve better and more orgasms than men

It seems women's orgasms are 10 times stronger than men's - that's if we take the production of theta brain waves as a criterion. The theta brain waves can be measured. According to Ryuichi Kaneko and Dr. Kunio Kitamura, two of the co-authors of "Sex no Subete ga Wakaru Hon (Everything You Need to Know About Sex)", by measuring theta waves during orgasms, women's brains emit theta brain waves that are 10 times stronger than men.

I am not sure how accurate their claim is. I experience 3 different levels of orgasm intensities. Does that mean I would have different levels of theta brain waves to correspond with those 3 levels? Guys have told me that they experience different levels of orgasm intensities too.

We would never know for sure whether the female orgasm is indeed stronger than the male orgasm because male cannot become physically female and female cannot become physically male. But I won't be surprised if women indeed experience stronger orgasmic pleasure than men. Nature should offer sufficient incentive and enticement for women to have sex.

10X more sexual pleasure than men - in exchange for - childbirth with pain 100X of men's pain threshold!

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David said...


Complete agreement with your pov!

Women go through a lot more as you mentioned. Women are the primary source of nurture for young babies and children.

As I have grown a little wiser over time, I have grown in appreciation of the important, often subtle, and at times very obvious differences between male and female.

Great post!


Anonymous said...

true, yu kym, but yu kym, i think u lack experience in sex. so prob what u say sometimes can be overcome by experience

Anonymous said...

I agree the women deserve a little extra pleasure. I agree it is only fair that women get to have stronger, longer lasting orgasms, as well as multiple orgasms. For us men it's just a few short seconds, than boom and done. than we have a refractory period for about a half hour, making multiples next to impossible. But women are the ones that have to be pregnant for 9 months, give birth, have periods, have to pee sitting down. it's only right they get way more. So I will settle for my quick 5 seconds of pleasure and let my girl have her multiple long lasting orgasms and let her have her 2 minutes of non-stop orgasmic bliss, I told her that she deserves it. when she has 6 orgasms back to back each lasting about 20 seconds, that is 2 minutes of orgasms, us guy are lucky if we get 10 seconds. But I guess I will take my one quick orgasm and not have to worry about ever having to be pregnant, give birth, or have periods, and keep peeing standing up, so I think it is a fair trade.

Anonymous said...

Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but the general agreement in the scientific community is that female and male orgasms are practically the same. This has been found by many different researchers through many different methods: subjective reports, physiological measurements and brain scans. You will never find a serious, reliable article in which is said that women have better orgasms than men. In fact, the pleasure centers of the brain activate more in men than in women (you can check all this information in Wikipedia- "Orgasm" or any other place if you don't believe it). Men also have those prostate orgasms which are said to be longer and more powerful than anything else, to the point that many men only want to have these kinds after experiencing one.

And though it's true that women's orgasms are a bit longer on average (a matter of seconds, not of hours) this doesn't mean that they're better. My better orgasms are invariably the shorter ones, which last for 2-3 seconds as much (I'm a woman, by the way). As for multiple orgasms, both men and women can have them, although they're more common in women. Still, it's believed that only 12-15% of women are multiorgasmic. For the vast majority of women, it's over after having one.