Wearing shoes in bed is a filthy fantasy

Most men complain about women buying too many shoes. Women, if your man has this complaint, you might want to consider whether you've been treating him right.

In porn flicks, it's common to see women wearing nothing but their stilettos in bed so many men have developed such fantasies.

I found myself to be the only one not wearing shoes during a quick meeting in my boss' hotel room in the US. My boss and colleagues who are from Russia and Scotland had their shoes on. In Europe, Australia and US, it is common to wear shoes into the house and in the bedroom. If you are in a hurry to have sex, it is possible that you don't have the time to remove your shoes.

However, in most Asian countries, it is common to remove our shoes when we enter a house. So if you have your own home, it is unlikely for you to wear shoes into your bedroom. You would want to keep your bedroom clean. I can't imagine wearing shoes while in my clean, soft bed! Socks would be ok but not shoes.

If a guy wants me to wear shoes while having sex, if he has foot fetish or wants to worship my feet, he'll have to buy me a pair, then we'll head to a hotel to fulfill his fantasy. Otherwise, I'll make him wear a sock :P


David said...


Wearing shoes in bed is a new to me. I suppose a couple would truly be pressed for time, in search of a quick quicky.

While many American's do wear shoes at home, many practice the Asian fashion of leaving shoes in the entry. Others follow a modified plan. Shoes in the living room, but none in the bedrooms.

I have worn socks in bed, more accurately in a sleeping bag when the outside temps were around -2C during the night, but I think in your context sleeping bags do not count.


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Master said...

black and red with 5 inch heels ok with you? :)

Yu-Kym said...

David, I shared a hotel room with an American lady. She wanted to keep her shoes at the head of the bed - which was the head of my bed too. I asked her to leave them at the door. She said, "But they don't stink."

Master, black and red with 5 inch heels - not a problem with the right guy.

David said...


I have never heard of that!

An unusual trait or quirky trait.


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