They gave me (love) bites

Are you prone to getting insect-bites? I am not prone to getting bitten by mosquitoes compared to my friends (they usually get bitten before I do). I think I emit less heat and carbon dioxide which attracts mosquitoes. However, strange or unknown insects seem to love me.

- When I was in secondary school I got bitten by a bee on my chin! I got a jab at the clinic to fix my temporarily disfigured face.
- 10 months ago I got bitten on my leg by some insect at Niah National Park in Malaysia. The wound oozed for 2 days. My friend put in my mind the thought that the insect might have laid eggs in it and maggots might emerge after a few days.
- 2 weeks ago I got 3 red-ant bites on my leg. My skin is still reddish.
- I got bitten by an unknown insect yesterday. It has swelled to a circular lump 2 inches in diameter - almost the size of my palm! It is slightly itchy. I think I got it while I was writing. I ignored the bite because I thought it was prickly heat. A friend urged me to see a doctor and suggested that it might get worse and I'd have to amputate my leg!

Here's what it looks like:

The small reddish scar on the upper part of my calf is a scar from the bites 2 weeks ago while the other bite further down my leg showed up together with the 2-inch diameter bite.

I doubt the doctor will be able to identify exactly what bit me but I hope he gives me a jab to make it go down real quick.

Added on 25 Jun 2010 (contributed by David):
Anaphylaxis is a life threatening closing of your airway leading to suffocation. Details for Anaphylaxis here:
Immediate treatment would be use of an Epinephrenine pen, AKA- Epi-Pen. A bite victim uses the Epi pen to buy time needed to find the nearest emergency room for complete treatment.


Anonymous said...

Not only are u prone to attracting insects coz of the composition of your blood and skin type, your individual smell your body emanates, and also certain times of the year when your body produces certain chemicals specific to individuals like yourselves that invite bites also suffer from super sensitivity to every little insect nicks that causes the bitten areas to swell more than normal. You are super allergic to insects. keke

Well, you've already said you're a supertaster...and supertasters also invite supernormal attraction from insects. lol

Your doctor will be able to concur with some of these prognosis. heh!

curious cat

Anonymous said...

got try applying Mopiko ? said...

u better go check your bed
most likely is bed bug's bites

Ailish said...

That looks really painful. D: ouuuch! :(

David said...


I agree that your doctor will likely not be able to identify the type of insect whose bight you suffer.

Be aware that you might have greater sensitivity with this reaction. Another similar bite provoke a slow Anaphylactic reaction.
Carrying an Epi pen might be needed to guard your health.


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Yu-Kym said...

curious cat, actually I am not hyper-allergic to insect bites. Some of my friends get very bad scars from sandfly bites but mine heals alot faster. As for mosquito bites, I don't get any marks on my skin.

anon, I thought mopiko is for mosquito bites? I don't have mopiko.

beto-no.7, bed bug bites don't look like that. They would be many small bites.

Ailish, it has started to get painful when I walk because it's huge and on my muscle.

David, I've never heard of epipen. I don't think we have it here in Singapore. Does it really work?

Anonymous said...

Almost everyone thinks its a funny blog. bed bugs hahahha funny lol

But seriously get yourself treated before the swelling gets any worse....and the virus gets from your calf to your brain and we have no more of your blogs to enjoy. keke

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

It could have been POISON! Anyway, the swelling has gone down. It's reddish and slightly itchy now. Think I'll be alright...

Anonymous said...

the same thing happened to me when i took a bus. and my foot swelled till as if it's dislocated. Then i applied some melaleuca oil or tea tree oil, and the swell disappeared after a day or two..

Yu-Kym said...

Ouch! Sounds painful and scary!

Anonymous said...

Go to Guardian or any pharmacy that stock Hydrocortisone cream and apply. Should be okay within a week.

Use sparingly though. It's steroid based.


Yu-Kym said...

Thanks Mike.
I left it alone and it has gone down. It's not swollen, itchy or as red now.