SBA2010 Top 10 Most Insightful Blogs - Review


Yu-Kym's Blog / Yu-Kym
"My opinions on sex and relationships. Squirting, how orgasms feel like for women, how semen tastes like, whether women like it big, and more. Because sex is and always will be the biggest social issue."

OMG this is my favourite blog! Yu-Kym is bold, provocative and brutally honest about sex.

Social issue: sex and relationships

guanyinmiao's musings / guanyinmiao
"A 19 year old who blogs about current affairs in Singapore; with a focus on an assortment of socio-economic issues, particularly education."

Guanyinmiao appears to have substance but in this age of short attention spans, you can't blame me for not reading past the 2nd paragraph. The formatting style is like what you see in General Paper essays for exams. Makes me dizzy. I guess that's why I got a C for General Paper at GCE A Levels :P He probably got an A.

Social issue: current affairs

=== - Diary of a Matchmaker / Violet Lim
"Aspired to be Ally McBeal, but ended up as Miss Match! Happily married with 2 kids, founder of Asia’s first lunch dating agency. Personal insights on dating, matchmaking, relationships, love & life."

Nothing new. I have read all these things somewhere else before. The problem with female relationship writers like Violet is that they are female-centric. They focus too much on how the problem always lies with the man. Well, ya, that's what women want to hear and will keep them coming back for more. But you know what? That's what I call irresponsible! Women need to work on improving themselves too but which woman wants to hear someone telling her that she's boring, insecure and requires better personal grooming?

She is "happily married with 2 kids".
I wonder whether she thinks people who are divorced or single qualify to give advice.

As Warren Buffet said,
"I've often felt there might be more to be gained by studying business failures than business successes. It's customary in business schools to study business successes. But my partner, Charles Munger, says all the wants to know is where he's going to die - so he won't ever go there."

Social issue: It's the man's fault - always.

Techxav / TechXav
"TechXav is a technology blog written by a group of young and zealous teenagers and we focused on publishing high-quality articles related to social media, internet, and technology."

This is a tech site, as the name suggests, with easy-to-read snippets of information.

Social issue: Addiction to tech?

得尔...在路上,有所思,有所感 / 得尔

Chinese blog. Sorry, I'm lazy to read it :P

Social issue: Don't know. Not everyone reads Chinese.

Let's Look At It This Way / Vanilla
"I write about 'What I know' & 'What I want to know'. I write whenever I have some thoughts. I write whenever I want to learn. I write because I believe, you would learn, too."

I love the cat pictures and the writer seems to love animals too but the writings are too "emo" for me. Artistically emo stuff once in a while is fine but I'd rather read the classics. By the way, I've just finished reading The Pearl by John Steinbeck. It's fantastically sad! It's less than 100 pages so it's a manageable read for anyone. Of Mice and Men by the same author falls into the same category of fantastically sad.

Social issue: Depression

The Health Guru / The Health Guru
"My blog provides facts, hints, tips, advice and inspiration on everything to do about health & weight loss. How to stay healthy, eat well, be well, care for your body & live the longest life you can."

I only follow blogs if the writer can tell me something that I don't already know. People who know zilch about health might be interested to read this blog though.

Social issue: Health

Mother, Inc / Daphne Ling
"Filled with all sorts of useful information like teaching your kids to stab strangers, unorthodox birth control methods and also how to get around not speaking Mandarin. I'm kidding. Sort of."

This blog hangs your computer. It hanged mine, and hanged my friend's. Save your data before you click in. I think it's because of the pictures. Unfortunately, it's not because the pictures are so hot as to overheat your computer.

Social issue: In Daphne's own words in her blog post, "There’s hardly any insight in the blog. I think at some point they’ll realize they’ve made a terrible mistake."

Art & Luxury in Asia / The Arty Bee
"Daily news and commentaries about Asian art and developments in the luxury industry in the region."

This blog delivers what it promises. If you're interested to know how much people are paying for pieces of art, here's the place to go.

Social issue: People with too much money need to find ways to spend it.


andrewcha said...

So you mean you'd won?

Yu-Kym said...

No. Last day of voting is 30 June. After that, they'll tally the score: 30% is from voting, 70% is from judges' scoring.

Anonymous said...

so, the conclusion is UR blog is the best huh?

Yu-Kym said...

Were you expecting me to say otherwise? ;)

Anonymous said...

Haaaa.. love the way you reviewed these blogs. You are heating up this boring competition! Great! Let's see how they respond to your comments!

Anyway, I really love the things you wrote. Bold, yes. Provoking, very. Cross the line? Almost.

Anonymous said...

Opps.. one last thing - By the way, dun get the Netbook. They sucks and they are slow. Get a Macbook. You won't regret.

Yu-Kym said...

I don't think any of them will respond. At most, I'll get a a few more people to my collection of haters :)

A Fan said...

Don't worry.. the media is going to love you. And you are making this competition so fun and exciting!

David said...


Just wish I could vote for you.

The site does not like people from North America.


BTW, I know you will do well!

CharlieTT said...


You are definitely the best and needless to say you will win.

Your blog page is easy to navigate (user friendly), articles are in depth and more importantly the sex topics are factual and exclusive - can't find or not easy to find elsewhere - that make your blog very special and unique.

I will continue to vote for you. Kudos!!


Anonymous said...

Post pics of your tits I'll vote for you