Recognisable naked but unrecognisable when clothed?

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I attended a formal dinner hosted by mutual friends. I arrived with my then-partner. One friend looked surprised when she saw us initially. After we sat down and continued with our conversation, she told me that when she first saw me, she could not recognise me and she thought my partner brought someone else! She said she was accustomed to seeing me dressed casually, with my hair down and hardly any make up.

One guy always tells me in advance what he's wearing whenever we meet although we had met enough times to be able to recognise each other. Perhaps because we spend a good amount of our time together naked, he was afraid I wouldn't be able to recognise him with his clothes on. Or maybe he was hoping I would reciprocate by telling him what I was wearing because he can't recognise me with my clothes on!

Are you always able to spot your friends and partner/lover regardless of what they are wearing?
And would you be able to recognise your lover naked but with his/her face hidden from view?

I would have no problems recognising this guy either because of his distinctive features :P

Listen to the monologue in the middle of this song:

See, there are people who can't recognise someone they'd slept with before!


Anonymous said...

I guess sometimes Yu-Kym posts off colour blogs. haha A rare off day perhaps. It happens to everyone. lol

But that boyfriend i must say takes the crown for being not only off colour but utterly silly and a jerk if indeed he cant recognise u fully clothed! He must be focusing on a selected parts of your body all the time when the face is the first and foremost point to know the person.

curious cat

Anonymous said...

2 years ago I started wearing kilts outside of work 90% of the time, so I have new friends who have never seen me wearing trousers. When they do they often say with surprise:

"I didn't recognise you with pants on!"

Yu-Kym said...

Curious cat, he did recognise me though or was it by a stroke of luck? :P

Anon, are you serious? LOL

Anonymous said...


A stroke of luck u say? From a guy that you have been intensely intimate with?

haha lol thats why i say this blog of yours is off-colour!

im dumbfounded.
curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

Because anything is possible. I shouldn't jump to conclusions. Sometimes the truth is illogical. Some thoughts are to be taken seriously, others are meant to be laughed off!

Anonymous said...

Totally true. Kilt wearing is the next best thing to going naked in public.

David said...


I am assuming your target audience for this post are single unattached younger types.

People married as long as my wife and have, have no trouble recognizing the other with clothing or without...;-)

However the premise is interesting.


It is easier to ridicule than commend.

-- Thomas Fuller

Yu-Kym said...

Anon, in India, Singapore and Malaysia, some men wear sarong. The material is light and airy. If they get an erection, it's visible through the sarong.

David, it would also apply to those women/girls who use tonnes of make up who show up without make up on other occasions (and vice versa).

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the truth is illogical? hmmmmm interesting Yu-Kym! Im curious... pls do illustrate some examples of this!

I want to learn coz usually i only believe what is logical or can be rationalised. That is why i am more often hard to be persuaded it in god, religion or other controversial subjects.

curious cat

Anonymous said...

oh is that true? Asian men who wear sarongs generally dont wear underwear coz of poverty or other reasons? So nothing to hold the erection back a little and prevent too conspicuous a protrusion? lol I didnt realise that! hahah lol how naieve of me! Come to think of it, never thought of it till u mention it Yu-Kym! I must watch closely men wearing sarongs from now on. lol

What about those men who wear boxers and the likes for underwear? Dont they show up during an erection too? keke

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

It seems they don't wear underwear when they are at home for comfort and they wear underwear when they go out but I won't bet on it!

The erection would show if they wear running shorts too!

CharlieTT said...

Hi Yu-Kym

I read about scientific findings between wearing a tight fit brief and a loose brief/no brief. I read it long time ago and can't remember exactly which is more benefical in terms of health and more productive. With some common sense, I guess it's the latter.

I would also like to compare this theory with female breast and wearing a bra. The appropriate advice is to wear a bra so as to support the breast and to make it more firm. Correct me if I am wrong. One can make a comparision when watching a backward tribe on TV. You would have notice the women have sagging breast. And looked so dry.

Any comment/advise?


Yu-Kym said...

I wrote "briefly" about men's choice of underwear here:

I think it is necessary for women to wear bras to prevent or minimise sagging. Skin becomes less elastic over time and gravity pulls our skin and breasts down.