Objects of desire: to buy at PC Show

Camera: Canon Ixus or Kodak. Budget - $320 for Canon, probably $200 if it's a Kodak.
I used a Kodak Easyshare M863 for my Kuching, Vietnam, Cambodia and Australia trips. I'm rather happy with how the pictures turned out.
I find the response of Fuji, Sony and Olympus cameras too slow, i.e. the delay from the time I press the button to the time the shutter opens and the picture gets snapped is too long. This means if I'm taking pictures of animals, I would miss the "right" moments.

Computer speakers with subwoofer: Don't know what to buy yet. Budget - $60. Any recommendations?

Netbook: Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t Multi-Touch Tablet/Netbook - $900
- It's got a touch screen so I won't have to bring a mouse around.
- The screen swivels around to become a tablet - more comfortable for using in bed :P
I tried the keyboard at Challenger yesterday. Quite alright. I dislike the white keyboard because it means I'll have to clean it often. It comes only in 1 colour.
I read that the battery life of the four-cell battery is bad - about 3 hours only.

I thought of buying the ipad when it's released here but I don't know how long my PC is going to last. Besides, if I buy the ipad, I won't be able to use my current microsoft comfort curve keyboard which I love. As a writer, keyboard is the most important component of consideration.

Are the nice-to-have touch screen and "tablet" functionalities worth the $900 price tag?

I might buy a HP mini or Asus Eee instead.

I'd check out the pricelists online on at hardwarezone.com Thursday night before heading down there. The crowd is will be CRAZY.


David said...


I do appreciate your Tech reports.

I agree with you analysis of point & shoot cameras. I used my Canon Power Shot SX100 at Yellowstone, and while most shots were good, many were blurred or otherwise useless due to the shutter lag or slow lens.

Some good review sites for netbooks and tablet PCs: www.testfreaks.com/netbooks/,
http://computers.toptenreviews.com/netbooks/, CNET.com is another good tech site.
Have you looked @ http://www.newegg.com/?
I have purchased all parts and components for my last several desktop PCs from Newegg. This site also has good deals on laptops and cameras. I believe they ship to SG. Newegg also has a Chinese site:

I will finally purchase a DSLR this fall when the holiday sale period starts.

Let us know if you find your netbook or tablet PC. Go for the 6 cell battery versions.

Subwoofer questions? Visit;
http://reviews.cnet.com/best-subwoofers/ or, http://forum.ecoustics.com/bbs/messages/4/171670.html

Nothing sexier than women who knows tech!
Even better when she is a budding author!


Yu-Kym said...

I bought an ASUS touchscreen netbook for $725 instead after reading reviews that Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t isn't as good.