Nice girls don't cry wolf

Ever so often we hear about women getting molested on public transportation, at parties or in crowded places. But the thing is, we hear about after it has happened and nothing happens to the men who molested them.

Some examples,
- Man standing too close to a woman on the train. Whenever the woman attempts to move away, the man will follow her and stand close to her again.
- Man seated beside a woman pretends to nod off into her chest or on her shoulder.
- Man touches a woman's butt or breasts while walking pass her.

In these examples, the woman may act uncomfortable or look irritated but they do not grab the man's hand or confront him. When I say confront, I don't mean it has to be rude. For example, "Excuse me, can you please give me some space?"

I wonder whether mothers teach their daughters how to react when they find themselves in such situations. Or perhaps their mothers have taught their daughters that nice girls are gentle, tolerant and don't cry "wolf".

What my mother taught me was: if you are lost, a stranger hurts you or tries to take you away, scream as loud as you can. That was exactly what I did when I was lost in a bookshop. I looked around me and I did not see my parents. I screamed as loud as I could. My dad came running towards me. I sure gave everyone in the bookshop a shock of their life! My dad still laughs about it till today. I was 5 years old then. Now, I am an unrepentant gal who still cries "wolf" when I see one. Better to be vigilant than to find myself naked after the wolf blows my house down.

Note for non-Chinese readers: Literally translated from Chinese, a "colour wolf" means a pervert.

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3 comments: are right. Best to stand up for your right and space.

Btw you are looking yummy too.

Liam said...

To all the girls reading this post... Do not be so stupid letting man do this to u. it's totally not right for a man to touch u with ur approval. In Singapore, the law protect woman. If u ever face some man touching ur private area not by accident, do not hesitate to punch him on his face or even knee him on his nuts. If u have no idea on how to punch or knee them. Go take up some self-defence lesson.

Yu-Kym said...

Liam, sadly the laws here don't protect women as much as we think they do. For example, a man is legally allowed to rape his wife: