The need of a cuddle

I wrote in my previous post, Afterplay, that I'd rather fall asleep with my partner than cuddle.

Actually, I do enjoy cuddling after sex too but it is only nice when it's with someone whom I love and who loves me. There's something about lying naked with no clothes to separate us that feels special. Talking about humourous or fun stuff or not speaking at all would be great.

I often hug my bolster and imagine what it's like to hug and be hugged by the man I'm in love with, especially on cold and rainy days. I know his body would feel warmer than my bolster and certainly not as small or soft as my bolster. This is a physical need that obviously cannot be satisfied by family and friends. I'm not willing to do it with just any guy though many have offered me their bodies for a fling or ONS and I'm sure doing it with someone I pay or who pays me wouldn't feel satisfying at all because this need is more than physical - it is emotional too. Or is it a want, not a need?


Anonymous said...

I just love hugging or cuddling my girls before and after play or no play at all. Whether they love me or not, I love them anyway. And it feels so good to hug someone. I just want them knowing someone love her. Like it or not.

David said...


You are absolutely on target now.

ONS, and otherwise casual relations do not make for great intimacy.

Being truly loved, and being able to love that person unconditionally makes cuddling after sex, or even without sex, a very special experience.


We all need love, but we need it most when we deserve it
least--when we have sinned against someone, when we have made
poor choices, when we have failed. In these situations, ordinary love must become extra-ordinary love.

-- Barbara Rosberg

Anonymous said...


Yu-Kym said...

Sometimes it's good to let the other person receive the affection that I have for him. But it's never unconditional. If he doesn't treat me well, I will eventually stop feeling good about him.

Anonymous said...

It's never and must never be a one way traffic in anything involving a relationship. It has to be two way in the overall scheme of things.

Sometimes u may give more than u receive and vice versa...but on balance it cannot be too lopsided.

Giving the moron one too many chances to redeem himself is foolish and stupid. Never settle for a clueless ignorant and selfish man.

The right man for you is always superior or at least equal to you in eg how he treats u!

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

"Giving the moron one too many chances to redeem himself is foolish and stupid."
Agree, I'll be the moron if I do that!