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Translated to English:

Blogger receives one indecent proposal every two days.

Local blogger who writes sex articles receives offers by email every other day from male strangers offering to give her cunnilingus (oral sex performed on a woman).

Female local blogger 幼金 Yu-Kym (20's, writer) boldly writes about her experience and opinions towards sex. It is her second year of being selected as a finalist in the SG Blog Awards for "Singapore's Most Insightful Blog".

This sex blogger queen wrote on her blog on 25 June that many men enjoy giving cunnilingus (Men enjoy eating free "lunch"). Many women don't enjoy giving fellatio to men but many men enjoy giving cunnilingus to women. Many men have offered her cunnilingus.

"I asked them what they expect in return. They responded that they do not expect anything in return and I do not have to have sex with them."

"I receive written requests via the Internet every other day. I don't receive many requests in person because most men don't have the courage to suggest that face-to-face."

She treats such requests as a normal part of life.

She also receives other sexual requests such as men asking her to send her used panties to them, to send them her nude pictures, to discipline them but they replies to them that she is busy writing her book.

"The most atrocious request was a man asking me to pimp him for money to any person so that he can earn money for us."

Her response to people saying that she is doing this just for the attention:
"I just want people to be happy. There are many misconceptions about sex that cause people to be anxious, worried or unhappy. The only way to correct those misconceptions is to discuss it openly."

Yu-Kym posts many pictures of herself on her blog.

(The picture in the newspaper was taken from my post, Tan lines)

Yu-Kym's writings have always been bold, sparking controversy.

June 22, 2010 - Her made-in-China vibrator was spoilt. Her friend from Japan kindly bought her a vibrator and she is extremely happy about it.
Check out my new Japan-made vibrator

June 2009 - She said many Singaporeans don't have sex often because they live with parents. "They have to wait for a time when their parents are not home to bring their partners home for sex."
Want more sex?

July 2009 - People take cars on a test-drive before buying, therefore they should test-drive sex before getting married. "I believe sex is an important part of marriage, otherwise why even get married?"
Should you test-drive before marriage?

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thanks yu-kym for the translation!!

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wow!! you're top 10 hot searches in singapore! it's such a huge compliment!!


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Because my blog URL was printed, most people entered my blog directly rather than through search engines. You can take a look at the real time traffic here:
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