Letter from Me to You :) RE: SBA2010

Dear Friends,

RE: Sg Blog Awards 2010 (Most Insightful Blog)

Thank you for voting for me daily and asking your family and friends to vote. To show my appreciation, if I win, all who send me an email with the subject title "Send it to me!" and a screenshot of the voting page will receive exclusive pictures from my private collection which will not be posted at my blog.

Also, you'll stand to win 3D2N stay at Koh Samui and Krabi (hotel only), a Garmin Asus M10 smartphone and Fabrix Laptop Cases. Each registered voter can vote once per day per category. The more you vote, the higher your (and my) chances of winning! I have been among the top 4 but I need to be #1 to win. Hurry! Contest ends on 30 June.

[Click to vote now!]
[How to vote]

Yours sincerely,

Even the kittens are curious


andrewcha said...

I think I did my job. I saw your pics and I just click on it, is it consider voted? It seems that it brings me back to the main webpage. Anyway I didn't send you letter though haha.

Anonymous said...

the shorts are not short enuff!

Yu-Kym said...

andrewcha, please click on the word "vote", then a pop up will appear to confirm voting.

kwangchiang said...

i saw yr pics & click on it . It keep go back to main page , can it consider a vote.

Yu-Kym said...

kwangchiang, please click on the word "vote", then a pop up will appear to confirm voting. After you click in the pop up then it's considered a vote. Thanks!