Kym + Hermit = Kermit

My friends may know that I was in a "hermit mode" for a month, i.e. I did not meet anyone for meals, drinks or any activities, before my Melbourne trip in April. That was a very productive time for me. I wrote a good number of pages of the first draft of my book. However, since my return from Melbourne, I have not added much to my book. Many people have been asking me the status of my book. I feel guilty about my lack of progress. The weather was too hot and I got distracted by social activities.

There are times when I need to socialise and there are times when I need to be alone to let the creative juices flow. Have you ever felt this way?

I don't want to disappoint myself and everyone who is looking forward to my book. And I don't want to be a NATO person! I am therefore declaring myself a hermit again, effective this Thursday. Of course, I will make exceptions for my friends if they need help or a listening ear :) In the meantime, I shall go live as a frog in a well...


David said...


A most atrractive hermit, however no one can see you when you are in your reclusive mode.

As mammals, we are social creatures. We need to be near others of kind, (home sapien), we have a need to be touched and to know we are valued and needed.

Forge ahead with your creative side and I am one looking forward to your book!


He who has not forgiven an enemy has not yet tasted one of the most sublime enjoyments of life.

-- Johann K. Lavater

NESOHU said...

You can do it Kym...we'll be there to back u up

kwangchiang said...

looking forward to your book .Hope the book is as juicy as your blog writing.

Yu-Kym said...

David, I feel so NATO socialising and talking about my book when it isn't even completed! Socialising should come after I've finished it.

Thanks NESOHU and kwangchiang! Don't worry I won't release it if it isn't juicy ;)

Anonymous said...

It is not unusual to find that the makings of a good book does not always come from the author's labour and inspiration in seclusion alone. It also comes from contributions from the author's reliable and trusted few confidantes!

Unless the subject matter is too abstract and knowledge of it localised to a very few experts, on the contrary a subject matter that has been universally written and read through the ages require one to think out of the box to attract good reviews and readership nos. So never work totally in seclusion unless one has exceptional knowledge on the subject to maintain the attention of readers.

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

curious cat, I have received inputs from countless people already :) I just need to put everything together from the right angle.

Anonymous said...

So how may i ask is the self-imposed recluse doing? Any beneficial results so far?

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

I caught a very bad cough when I was out last Wednesday. I shouldn't have gone out. Now I'm still recovering so I've given myself "medical leave" to rest.