If your girlfriend is bi-sexual...

Suppose you've been going out with this gal and you like each other. Then she tells you that she's bi-sexual. Would you think twice about having her as your girlfriend?

Some guys may think that they can have 2f1m threesomes. Sorry, it doesn't work that way. Just because she likes women, doesn't mean you will be entitled to having 2 at a time. Perhaps the guys might think that both of can to ogle at girls together. Sorry again. Just because she likes ogling at girls doesn't mean she's alright with you doing that!

Would you be upset if she ogles are other girls?
Would you be upset if she cheated on you with another girl?
Some guys would think it's ok because it's just another girl or the thought of her making out with another girl might be a turn on.
But isn't cheating still cheating?
Would you feel more insecure than normal? (She has both males and females to choose from!)
What if she dumps you for the girl? ("My girlfriend dumped me for a another girl" LOL)

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boh.tak.chek. said...

Looks like you have just burst the bubble there: No 3some? What a shame. Most guys would have fantasies about their gf being a bi-sexuals

Anonymous said...

Yes, I will dump her. But if and only if she is a "goddess" (gosh..i dont know why i keep using that word to describe the ideal girl! your fault! Yu-Kym lol)....I might carefully reconsider. But the thought of sharing her..even with another woman.......hmmmmm... it's quite unbearable.

3somes whether bi or not are only fantasies to me . In reality I know it's a sure way to wreck a normal relationship in due time.

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

Someone left a comment on my Facebook page that if the girl is going to cheat, she will cheat whether or not she's bi or straight. So should her sexual inclination be such a big deal?

Anonymous said...

In a 3some, one party is liable to cheat coz the 3rd party is likely to become more interesting. The 2nd party feels jealousy and eventually leads to a breakup of an otherwise normal relationship.

Cheating is a reality whether bi or not, male or female, single or otherwise.

curious cat