I love seeing blood

Sometimes I love having my menses!


1. It means my reproductive system is functioning
Although I do not have plans to have children anytime soon (because I have not found a worthy donor), I would like to keep that option open just in case.

2. The blood marks the end of PMS
I mentioned before that I get PMS sometimes. It feels terrible. When I do, I have to keep reminding myself that it is only PMS and not to sink too low emotionally. PMS magically disappears when the blood appears!

3. It means I'm not pregnant
Although I use protection during sex and I take a glance to see whether everything is "in" in condom, I still have the fear that some tough swimmers might have escaped through the thin membrane of the condom. Even if I did not have sex, I have crazy ideas that I may have gotten pregnant from the toilet seat or by means of immaculate conception. The sight of blood is relief.

4. There's a possibility of having bloody sex.
I've never been into bloody sex and I've never done it but just in case my current partner is into it, there might be the opportunity to try it.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not having sex at the moment but every month I panic just in case I'm the next Virgin Mary. I really couldn't afford to have a kid right now.

David said...


Your menses and the cycle your body follows is one of the most beautiful gifts that distinguish women and men.


Anonymous said...

The general distinction between men and women is the most beautiful and imaginative in creation. But our creator could have been kinder to women be it in menstruation or in childbirth for egs.

I wonder what led the creator to impose such and other hardships on women! Why should women bear the major brunt of life and men have it easier?

It's such a paradox when men is supposed to be the stronger sex and yet women are intrinsictly more sturdy and enduring.

curiou cat

Yu-Kym said...

Menstruation is messy and childbirth is painful! And even if a woman does not want to have children, she'll still need to go for pap smears which are unpleasant. Ya, men really got it easy!

David said...

Curious cat,

Unless women were going to lay eggs the current biology works very well.

Women's biology, hormonal system are so much more sophisticated then mere males.

Why were women made this way.

I suggest praying, you might find the path towards an answer, someday.

I still consider women the superior sex.

Ultimately perfect partners for males.


Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.

-- Abraham Lincoln

Anonymous said...


I agree, through it all, women are still the more superior in the sense of being a sturdier and more enduring sex! Sorry I cant give them all the accolades!

Seeing how the biology of our body works or from fertilisation to a new-born baby and Gunther's plastinization of anatomies, I think our creator has already done an unbelievable job. So why couldnt he have done a better job? - dispensed with the extreme agony to women by just letting them lay eggs?

Yes women's biology are more sophisticated. But as for their hormonal systems...they are so sophisticated that they go berserk periodically! And that's a fact!

Why are women made this way? Don't ask, you wont like my replies. keke

Forget about praying too! I'm not an out and out believer. I only do that when my exam results are approaching!

curious cat