Getting blown away while driving

Have you tried receiving a blowjob while driving?
It's one of the many fantasies that men have.
If you have tried it and are still alive, lucky you!

I am not open to giving a blowjob while the guy is driving. I hope to get to my destination alive and I won't want to be found dead in that position. How is a man supposed to concentrate on driving when he's getting blown away?

Remember that incident in which a cheating man's secretary was giving him a blowjob in his car when a lorry collided into his car and she bit his penis off?

I was once involved in a chain collision on a rainy day. When I got into my partner's car, I was still joking about whether or not to wear my seat belt. I'm glad I did and I'm glad I wasn't giving him a blow job because the impact of the collision was forceful enough to bend the bonnet of his car upwards like a piece of paper folded in two. Neither of us were hurt and we even had the mood to drive off to a deserted stretch of road where I gave him a blowjob. Halfway through it, a police car drove by slowly and looked into the car. The policemen asked whether we were ok. We had a bit of explaining to do about the state of the car. After the exchange, they were on their way and left us to carry on with whatever it was that we were obviously doing.

I wouldn't advise anyone to offer a blowjob or handjob to a guy while he's driving. Surely it can wait till you reach your destination. In case I'm the driver, No I will not want to get fingered while I drive. But if you have to offer a finger, may I suggest you click a few buttons and vote for me? ;)

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CharlieTT said...

Hi Yu-Kym

There is so much more thrill when driving and someone blowing you at the same time. Your mind will be focus on driving and same time on the sensation there.

It's definitely worth a try.

BTW, your articles are very interesting and in particular sex topics. They are very in-depth. Do note I have been voting for you and will continue to do so.

Continue writing....

Rock Hard said...

If women can multi task like what they claim, so can men.

In my case, I can drive, signal when needed, check blind spot, keep track of my speed limit, turn on the viper when raining, switching on the head light when visiblities are dim, check my rear view mirror, side mirror and making sure the other drivers are not aware of what I am doing in my cabin.

I can multi task all the above while making sure I stay erected when my sweetheart is trying to give me a mind blowing experience with her lips, mouth and tongue.

boh.tak.chek. said...

Dun do it like they do in porn movies-it just fails to work in real life. Why not a BJ in your own bedroom where it's comfortable, quiet and safe?

Yu-Kym said...

CharlieTT, but thrills can kill.

Rock Hard, you sure have lots of blood to fuel your two heads!

boh.tak.chek, people watch too much porn these days!

Robert said...

As a matter of fact , I had tried with my girl friend several time for the condition that we both hungry of sex and no place to find within minute.But not in main road with high speed.Only in night time while driving on street with low speed.
Or night time driving up the multi story car park to look for a safe place to do the sex.
Not only she gave me blow job , at the same time , I let her enjoy my left hand 's middle finger in her pussy in and out.
I can do it only on the day when she wear skirt. My right hand hold the steering wheel. I used my right leg for accelarator.My left leg is still free.

Do you know how thrill both of us , both of us wet wet plenty of juice. After we get the safe place , enjoy the sex intercouse.

But those were over for me.
I did this with my child hood girl friend.
She is now in oversea. I miss her so much for that.

Right now , whenever I saw a hot girl with skirt , it makes me wet easily.

Anonymous said...

I simply do not understand why some ppl insist in taking the short cut to be with their maker?

curious cat