Do women enjoy sex more than men?

Some people joke that women enjoy sex more than men because:
1. women usually make lots of noise during sex, and
2. if you dig your nose, the nose enjoys the dig more than the finger.

I disagree with the "arguments" above because:
Many women make noise because they think the men enjoy it. Let's face it, noisy sex and orgasms are more exciting than quiet ones - except when the challenge is to remain quiet.

When giving blowjobs, obviously the man's penis enjoys it better than the giver's mouth does!

I can't argue that men enjoy sex more than women on the basis of their higher sex drive, i.e. they want sex more often than women. Because just like supertasters need to eat less than non-supertasters to feel satisfied, perhaps women need sex less often because they feel more satisfied from sex than men!


David said...


Noisy or just sensually quiet sex or love making is all over the satisfaction of the act with ones partner.


Dan said...

This is indeed a pretty subjective question... It'll depend on each individuals... Their Status and Age.

#1 Noise is a form of releasing oneself. Its not about pleasing the opposite gender. There are "Screamers" "Loud Speakers" "Purr-ers" and "Silencers" not only the females but males too :D

Why does a tennis play "scream" when they serve or each time they hit the ball? ESPECIALLY the female players... Its the same...

As for the females that make noise to please the male partners...I wud rephrase that as "pros faking to please the clients" :D:D

#2 Got to agree that Males enjoy MORE in this "situation" BUT there ARE females who juz loved to blow... Juz as Females enjoy MORE when being licked (not the males' tongue) and there are Males who juz loved to lick... SO aren't we kinda EVEN here??? :P:P

Lastly... In reality, both sexes enjoy sex equally as much. Remember...You can't clap with one hand!!! :P