Women are the biggest psychos?

I've finished watching two seasons of the Aussie TV series Underbelly. It has the perfect balance of boobs, hunks, sex, drugs, hot law enforcement officers, hot lawyers, powerful men, strippers and, yes, love too. The love stories though are somewhat disturbing.

In the first season, a young female lawyer, Zarah Garde-Wilson, became the girlfriend of a gangster, Lewis Caine, whom she knew had committed violent crimes. When Lewis was murdered, she requested for his sperm to be frozen. She has moved on since. She now has a baby girl with another man.

Kestie Morassi as Zarah Garde-Wilson and Marcus Graham as Lewis Caine.

Kestie Morassi

The real Zarah Garde-Wilson.

In the second season, the "hot" hero was Terrance John Clark, the head of a heroin drug syndicate. He had a wife and a girlfriend, Alison Dine, who was one of his drug couriers and a former kindergarten teacher. He later moved on to Karen Soich, a young lawyer. He was arrested in bed with her. Lucky policemen :P Terry's wife knew about his infidelity but she turned a blind eye. Alison and Karen knew about Terry's crimes but they remained in love with him. Alison testified against Terry for the murders he committed and his drug trafficking operations. He was convicted and died of a heart attack in prison. Karen has moved on. But Alison remains under witness protection till this day because those in the drug business would want to silence her. She was given a new identity and she can never contact her friends or family again.

Matthew Newton as Terry Clark

Anna Hutchison as Alison Dine

Katie Wall as Karen Soich

Do these stories sound unbelievable?

What I find unbelievable is the picture of the real Terrance John Clark:


How can women fall in love and stay in love with murderers? What is love when it is for a murderer? How about women who allow their children to be molested and raped by their husbands? I think women have to be psychos to love such men.



Anonymous said...

Readers, please remember that movies are sensationalisiam or even worst than medias. And stupid idotic plots. I have stopped watching movies for long time. They are meant to brain wash viewers and still their $ and minds.

YK, you mentioned unbelievable and sound confused! Well thats exactly how they want you to feel... lost.........blurr.. bad.

Yu-Kym said...

Kfr, have you read much about these cases? If you have and your research shows that these are not true, please let me know the sources. From what I have read, these are true.

You must have heard about the incest case in which the father imprisoned and raped his daughter in the basement of the house for years while his wife lived with him above the ground and claimed not to know about it.

Rock Hard said...

Facts is stranger than Fiction.

Gekhiong said...

YK, Yes they are true and bad enough. But to serialise it is damaging.