Why some women prefer married men

1. Somebody else wants him. He must be good. This is similar to the Singaporean behaviour of choosing to queue at a food stall because the queue is long.

2. If the man gets involved with her, it means she is better than his wife. Stop dreaming. Some men will do just about any woman who throws herself at him. Who doesn't want free gifts? I bet you he still does his wife. The 3rd party isn't better than his wife no matter what the man complains, e.g. my wife doesn't like sex, my wife looks old and fat, etc. If the 3rd party was really that good, he would have divorced his wife to be with her. If his wife finds out about his affairs and divorces him, that's not counted. [The "My wife is not interested in sex" problem]

3. The married man is more likely to be discreet about their relationship because he won't want his wife to find out. Don't count on this. Some men enjoy showing off and bragging about their virility and conquests.

4. For the thrill of getting caught.

5. They enjoy being the bad girl.

6. They enjoy being with a bad boy.

7. The women are just horny. Any man will do.

8. The women are married too. Birds of a feather.

9. The men are guaranteed to be non-virgins.

10. To blackmail the man.

Except for cases where the woman was completely unaware that the man is married, I have no sympathy if they get "cheated" by the man. In fact, I think it is quite difficult to be completely unaware. This is an example of a common conversation I have with new male friends.
Guy: Actually, I am married.
Me: I know.
Guy: How did you know?
Me: You don't reply to SMS at night and on weekends.

Just because a man is married doesn't mean we can't be friends. Married people are human beings too. But if he constantly tries to seduce me, I wouldn't continue meeting him. Better to stay away from temptation.

Women are the ones who have control over sexual relationships. They have the right to say Yes or No. It takes self-control to say No. Don't blame the men.

People make their choices. But there is a price to pay for everything. I won't want to do anything that cannot be on the front page of the newspapers. I want to have peace of mind. Life is hard enough. I don't want to make it harder for another woman.

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Jeryc said...

How come nothing on
Why some men prefer married women

Yu-Kym said...

Cos I'll have to leave that to a man to write :D

Rock Hard said...

Married man seems more attractive then single men.
I mean single as in not attach, those who are not married but have a steady Girlfriend are consider married or taken.

I noticed I get more stare and flirtatious glance when I am out with a woman then alone.

When alone, I look like a loser to most women.
When out on a date, suddenly, my sex appeal skyrocketed in the eyes of other women.

It's a psychological thinking of most humans.

If nobody wants the kind of stuff..who will wants it?
Unless you're into recycling.
You see why everyone are into Apple products while avoiding cheaper less popular brands of similar products?
Cos, everyone mentality says, Apple products is a must have and looks cool on them.

Yu-Kym said...

I wonder whether more gals would chat up a guy on the Internet if he posts pictures of himself with a woman or with his children rather than a lonesome picture.

Rock Hard said...

Quite subjective.
A lonesome picture and if he looks too good to be single, he may be call a cheater.
And do not forget, if the man pose a picture alone and he is not on the "eye candy" side, chances is he cannot even get a response.
Unless there's an option where he can post besides his picture of where he lives, what he drives, or how much money he earn?