Men in jobs that involve working with children are hot!

I was observing a swimming coach teaching children how to swim. He looked my way a couple of times maybe because I was staring but his attention was on the children, making sure they were safe. The children appeared to be enjoying themselves. The more I observed, the hotter he looked!

It occurred to me that I might be attracted to men in jobs that involve working with children. I think this is why:

1. Children are honest with their feelings and actions. If they don't like you, they don't try to hide it. So if children like the guy, that means he must be a nice guy?

2. It takes gentleness, kindness and patience to work with children. I like guys with these qualities. I would think that he'd be gentle, kind and patient with me.

3. Subconsciously, I could be looking for a guy who would make a good father. It is tiring to take care of children. I won't want to do it all on my own - if I ever have children.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, men who work with children could be pedophiles! I guess I'll have to take my chances...

Men in jobs that involve working with children are hot! Men in black suits sprouting corporate rubbish are not!


Anonymous said...

so in the end did u get to know him haha...

Yu-Kym said...

No. He's working lah! Don't want any drowning children.

David said...


My wife has mentioned that she enjoys watching and hearing some of our 6yr nephew, his 4yr. old sister play with me.

One thing an adult must hold sacred is the love and trust a child gives. As you stated, " . Children are honest with their feelings and actions. If they don't like you, they don't try to hide it."

Any adult male who crosses into pedophilia deserves a just punishment when found out.

When one of these precious young ones will cry on your shoulder when they fall down or need comforting for any reason, I simply cannot think of anything accept being there for them and returning comfort and love.

A very touching post young lady!


Snaily.. said...

Every teacher I can remember from primary school was a hottie. FACT.

Snaily.. said...

Male teacher, by the way!

Rock Hard said...

At the end of the day, it so happen that the swimming coach is attractive looking.
Not because he is working with children or not.
And unlike other dudes in the swimming pool who moves around in the swimming complex, this coach is stationary in the pool for you to take in the view, drool or ogle for several minutes to really catches your fancy..

A tip for you, if you are really keen to strike up a conversation with him without making you look like a despo.
Ask him how much he charge for coaching. Says your friend/relative's children are keen to learn. And you are helping them to source for a responsible coach. Ask for his training schedule and when is his off day too. Then move on to ask about his coaching experience..Then remark you are quite impress with it..then ask about his age..pretend that your friend/relatives wants a young coach. Then ask for his name and tel no.
Hope this basic conversation starter helps.
Just hope that the next time you are at the pool, he is there and not another coach.

Junjie said...

I'm great with handling small kids, that means I must be hot too! :D