Lights, camera, action!

Ever taken pictures and videos of your liaisons? I bet many of you have even though you may not post them online.

The first time I had such pictures taken was when digital cameras were chunky and could only store about 30 pictures. The availability of digital cameras has made it possible to snap, direct and film homemade porn. Back when conventional film cameras was used, people who didn't have their own dark rooms wouldn't think of snapping homemade porn to be developed at the photo studio unless they were trying to show something to the guy who works there.

Do you ever masturbate to thoughts of past liaisons? I do. But memories fade. Having pictures and videos to masturbate to would be better than relying on memory so I like the idea of having my own homemade porn.

But I don't do take pictures or videos anymore. Anything stored electronically can be leaked. E.g. a lost handphone/laptop, someone hacking into your computer or online storage servers, accidentally uploading the wrong files.

In the west, people allegedly "leaked" their homemade porn in the hope of getting publicity and fame. This tactic worked for celebrities like Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson. But in conservative Asia, sex scandals do not do any good whether they are self-confessed or leaked, e.g. Chu Mei-Feng, Edison Chen.

Even if you delete files from your harddisk or memory cards, they can be retrieved. You have to use special software to permanently wipe those files out. It is best not to take any pictures or videos at all. If they get into the wrong hands or if you lover turns on you, you may find yourself in hot soup! If you really must make you porn, do it the Mariah Carey way: If there's a camera up in here then it's gonna leave with me when I do (from her song Touch My Body).


Bernard said...

Hooray on your 1st "come-back" post. Keep it up Kym!

David said...


Welcome back! As you noted, many, many were going to miss your expressive and expansive view of life.

So you took digital images of a liaisons once upon a time!

Digital imaging did not exist during my dating years, so this has never been an issue.

Here in the States, "sexting" has become a problem. Young women often only 12-15 years old, take sexy pics of themselves, send it a friend, expect privacy and wind up with that photo on someone elses Facebook page or emailed to many others.

Some underage girls have been charged under a variety of porn laws.

Whatever the reason for such photos, you are correct in advising your readers to ensure the camera goes with them. The best advice for privacy.

Do not take photos of your liaisons.

Again welcome back!


charles lim said...

my days will be brighter now..welcome back Kym

j said...

Good to see you again. Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Its great to have you back, kym!


Rock Hard said...

I jerk off to my own homemade porn anytime over the porn of others.

Anonymous said...

will you help friends or net friends to take homemade porn?

Anonymous said...

love seeing your blog :D

Yu-Kym said...

I won't mind helping friends take homemade porn but only if I think the "actors" in the video are worth looking at.

Anonymous said...

Sure you do Yu-Kym, along with hundreds of all your readers (me included heh!), except perhaps good ole saintly David! (David, it's meant as a compliment ok?) lol

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