"He wanted sex and I didn't. So we broke up."

If your partner does not want sex, does it mean he/she respects you?
"Lucky you! Your boyfriend does not want to have sex with you!"

No! I think it's because there is something wrong with him or something wrong with you.
If you are over 16 and do NOT want sex, there is something wrong with you.
Whether you actually do it or not is another matter. But if you have no desire for it, I suggest you get yourselves checked.

If two people love each other, sexual desire is natural. If there is no sexual desire, that is unnatural.
Of course, it is unfair to pressure your partner for sex if he/she is not "ready" for it. (I know a few guys who claim they will not always choose to have sex if they were given the choice). But I think it is silly to break up solely because of sex. If the couple has been together for a while and they are serious about each other. The guy wants sex (naturally!) but the girl does not. She breaks up with him because he wants sex. That's silly!

"I broke up with him because he wanted sex."
Gosh, you are so unlucky - all your boyfriends wanted to have sex with you!
Stop acting virginal!

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Scope said...

I have replied. In addition, I'd express my view that women should be careful in their choice of association. :)

There will always be good guys and not-so-good guys to be friends with.

Anonymous said...

Just as it is possible to have lust without love, wouldn't it be possible to have love without lust (which is the case for many grandparent age couples).

Jerry said...

Women who don't need sex doesn't mean they are "moral" and vice-versa. They just have lower libido. I believe there are many girl-next-door type women out there who need sex and want to be satisfied sexually. But social taboo impedes their sexual desires. Many end up masturbating in secret and in guilt. Sex is one of the primary functions of the body and everyone needs them - sometime or another, one way or the other.

Anonymous said...

I think most women need to get laid as much as any man. As Jerry said, women are just more inhibited.

As the man is expected to make the first overted move to initiated sex, that can either turn out to be appetising, or a put off, to the lady.

If the guy wants sex but you dont, do your relationship a favor by enquiring why it is so important to him.

Regards, Leo

Imagine if a guy is in the mood for an intimate connection with his girl, how many girls are aware that it can be extremely humiliating if she brush him off with a "cant you see am am not in the mood!"?

A guy's need for sex (read: intimate connection) is an expression of his love for the partner.

Most Ah Lians (ignorant girls) will spread the often-heard advice, "he just wants to fuck you for the pleasure! Dont give it so easily or he will treat you cheaply" Good luck to them!

Rock Hard said...

I have a relationship with a woman which started out hot and passionate. Sex and extreme intimacy is always on our minds whenever we go.

In the car, park, deserted places, hourly rate hotels...etc.

She's a woman who knows how to give me good pleasures. She claims I am making her a sex addict and never had enough of me.

One and a half years later, we are still together, still romantic and very much in love.

But now, she just wants kissing passionately and hugging only. Not allow to touch her privates most of the times.
I still find her as sexually desirable as the first time I made love to her.
She thinks I am only interested in having sex with her.

In reality, we did went through a lot of ups and down in any serious relationship.
Why the sudden lost of interest in having sex with me?

And if you're wondering if she is seeing someone else, it's clearly a no.
She did change her job from a relaxing 9 to 5 office job to a hectic, stressful working enviroment 3 months agos though.
I wonder could it be the cause?

What do you have to say about this Miss Loh?