Gay by profession and passion

Bodybuilders and gym rats
(Not all guys who spend time in the gym or carry weights are bodybuilders)
They are vain.
They watch their weight and waistlines.
They want the muscles on their bodies to be visible.
They love being strong.
They love mirrors.

Hair stylists
Their hair looks better than most ladies.
They know how to match hair style with your personality, face shape, clothes, etc.
They know how to name the full spectrum of hair colours from chestnut to mahogany and more.
They fuss about your hair if you failed to use a conditioner or when you have a strand out of place.
They love mirrors.

Why do people have the impression that bodybuilders, gym rats and hair stylists are gays?

One bodybuilder friend said, "With all that testosterone, we would want women even more!" Most bodybuilders and gym rats would admit to feeling hornier than normal - I believe it is true. Besides, vain, strong and muscular guys would have no problems attracting women even if they don't have handsome faces. Although not all women would want to have long-term relationships with muscular men, they certainly enjoy looking at (and even sleeping with) the extremely muscular man and/or the lean and toned ones.

Working out does not make a guy turn gay. And I highly doubt a straight guy can turn gay just because some gay gym rat hit on him. If he's gay he will be gay regardless of whether he works out or not.

My hair stylist friend said that the models whom he worked with assumed that he's gay even though he never acted gay. They asked him questions about their boobs or their butts and didn't bother much about keeping their robes tightly around their bodies or sitting properly. One day a model commented that he's gay so he said that he's not gay. She almost jumped out of the chair and pulled her robe closely around her body. Her asked her to relax and assured her that he is a professional hair stylist - after all he did not try anything funny when she happily exposed herself before realising that he's straight.

It seems some male hair stylists pretend to be gay because there is a perception that the gay stylists are better at their job. Ladies, please don't show your boobs and ass to your 'gay' hair stylists because they may not be as gay as you think!

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Rock Hard said...

This posting is so Gay!

But I love it nevertheless.


whimwham said...

I don't know what on earth makes it logical that women can show their boobs and ass to gays. Even if they think gays are "fellow girls", most women don't go around flashing their bodies to other women, do they?