Excuse me, are you a photographer?

Many people claim to be photographers nowadays but not everyone is good at taking pictures. There are many DSLR posers walking around Singapore with their cameras. BIG deal. There are people who can take fantastic photos with a standard digital camera. Just as Photoshop has made it possible for anyone to be a model, digital photography has made it possible for anyone to claim to be a photographer.

But what type of photographer? The type that goes to trade exhibitions to take upskirt pictures of the sexy models? Or type that pays "models" who are willing to have their sexy photos taken? I'm not saying all photographers behave this way but such people give photographers a bad name.

Ever too often I get offers from guys to take pictures of me. They would start off by criticising the photographer of my photos. Little did they know that my photographer is me. With the use of a timer and a mirror, I took all my indoor shots on my own.

Taking photographs of people involves chemistry. Without chemistry, the photos will not turn out good, i.e. I look bad in them.

Being or pretending to be an aspiring photographer is one method that guys use to get into gals' bedrooms and pants.

I don't think I need a photographer just yet. Cosplay photos would be fun but I don't have any costumes so what's the point? What I really need is for someone to design a visually sexually provocative book cover for me.

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Anonymous said...

just have to agree with u on this LOL, too many proclaimed photographers who doesn't take good photos.

Anyway i also felt weird on how u take those pics. Now i know its all self taken. I always thought you have some siblings or someone to take it for u.

NESOHU said...

Well dear, I'm quite interested in your offer...we can work on the book cover that you have in mind.

Here's what I can do in 15 minutes with what photos you have in your library.


If you're interested, we can discuss further. Cheers

David said...


You are correct stating the "many DSLR posers walking around..."

Possessing a DSLR does not make one a photographer. Men of all ages flock to trade shows, auto shows and photographic expos that frequently have models that pose for pros and posers.

Beaches are frequent sites for wannabe posers. Approach a pretty young girl, show her photos taken at a distance and convince to pose for the poser. Most often with purpose you described in mind.

One can hope that most young women, teens in particular would be aware of such an obvious pickup move.

BTW, their are many good female photographers near you. Just across the causeway you will find;

Hitomi displays talent photographically. Scenic shooting and with models her photos display imagination and composition.

Your travel photos and your art shoots show your knowledge of good photographic basics!


Yu-Kym said...

Hi NESOHU, I like what you did! Can you please email me? I can't find your email address from your blogger profile.

David, one of my friends commented that men seem to dominate in most types of arts. I wonder why? Do women have to be extra talented to be recognised?

David said...


I agree with your assessment. Women appear to display greater talent in order to be recognized as a photographer, and in general most arts except for dance, ballet, lyrical, and related arts.


Rock Hard said...

There are dimes a dozen photographers out there who exhibits their artworks.
On social newtworking website, art house, clubs, public places like shopping malls..etc..
90% of it are scenary, dead objects, animate objects, buildings, street scene, fireworks, vaction trips, animals, plants, birds..all the (yawn) stuff.
How many photographer dares to claim that they can actually photo shoot anyone without photo editing and turns out amazing?
You are right to say about those amatuers photographer out there who are good at taking all the non humans pic and dare to claim they can make any airhead looks attractive and seductive in print.
That's the most degrading and deceiving thing to do to the arts of human photography.
GO take a good look at my all time favourite photographer for human subjects,
The late Mr Herb Ritts.


Yu-Kym said...

Rock Hard, I like your point: "How many photographer dares to claim that they can actually photo shoot anyone without photo editing and turns out amazing?"