Crystal Bowersox's ex-boyfriend is a loser

Crystal Bowersox was dumped by boyfriend hours before the American Idol Finale. He dumped her and drive off. Impeccable timing!

It seems he wasn't comfortable with her future lifestyle: living in the city and going on tours. He comes from a small town and he did not like living in the city.

Though his reason may be a valid one, if he cared about her, he would have waited for a better time to break up with her.

Perhaps he intentionally chose to do it before the show to hurt her morale, so that she would not win, but she would return to her hometown to be with him. If that was his intention, he dream on! Runners up usually get record deals too. By the way, she did not win.

I seldom call people names but this guy is a real loser.
He doesn't deserve to have a girlfriend.

Would you mind if your girlfriend/wife is famous?


Anonymous said...

YK,I dont mind you looking sexy in your new cover photo.Kfr

Chaz said...

Nope... I do not mind. I really don't give a damn as love conquers everything...

Once upon a time, I fell for a girl on TV. Yup, just like the song... Didn't work out and always wish her all the best for her career...

Rock Hard said...

It's very difficult for men to accept women who is more successful, popular and capable then them.
As for me, I absolutely welcome any girls or women who are successful, popular and capable to be dating me.
It shows I am a real winner among the bunch of hopeless dreamers who only fantasize about dating these outstanding women.