All women love sex

It's the truth. All women love sex. Our bodies are built this way. It is perfectly normal and natural for women to love sex - unless they don't have nerves between their legs.

Social, religious and cultural influences
But not all women would admit that they love sex because they have been influenced by society, religion and culture. Guess who makes the rules? It's men! It's all about control and balance of power. As long as society, religion and cultural "values" are dictated by men, men maintain control over women. Think about it:
- Why else is it more acceptable for men to be non-virgins before marriage than women?
- Why is it more acceptable for men to have extra-marital affairs than women?
Sexist values and rules! They are for people who can't think for themselves or are too lazy to think.

Warped perception
If a woman says she likes sex, people would think she's promiscuous and men would not hesitate to hit on her. Just look at the number of indecent proposals I get on my blog. I receive those in my email too. It's easy to ignore them when they're via the Internet but if they are received in person, it can be very awkward and irritating.

Many men fail to understand that just because a woman likes sex, does not mean she would want to have sex with just any man. I have turned down sexual advances on the Internet and some men have responded, "But I thought you like sex?" If I wanted to be mean, I would respond, "Yup, I love sex but just not with you."

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charles lim said...

Last paragraph..very true indeed!

kwangchiang said...

that's true kym , me like sex too. But not anyone i can do it , must have at least some feeling.

David said...


Provocative with a capital P.

If a woman says she likes sex, people would think she's promiscuous and men would not hesitate to hit on her."

People will think this type of women is promiscuous if she sleeps around.

Most women like sex, but not with everybody.

You use to broad a brush when you blame men for much of what has been unjust for women. Many men have fought for women's rights.

I will not say more at this is to short a forum for a complete discussion of this topic.


Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.

-- Helen Keller

boh.tak.chek. said...

"Yup, I love sex but just not with you."

Hahaha..thats a classic. I've always believed that for a woman, sex is an emotional and physical thing. Thus, though women enjoy sex, some sort of emotional commitment must exist in order for the sex to take place.

"All women loves sex"....Thats a comforting revelation for us men though, Haha

David said...

boh tak.chek, and you do not like sex.

If sex is not an emotional as weel as physical event for you, then you give the appearance of being a young and immature male.


Yu-Kym said...

David, men created the problems and they proposed ways to solve the problems, so it makes them good? Anyway, women also say terrible things about other women.

David said...


In the final evaluation of rights for women, it depends much upon the world
view of what region one live in.

In large portions of the world, women rights have made great strides.

However, many in popular media, the same media that often promotes women
rights, also commoditizes women.

Movies and music with suggestive, or outright sexual connotations, movies/TV
that glamorize easy sex and casual relations. Without ever showing the
trauma from STDs, or the emotional trauma many suffer from throw-away

All that is championed by popular media and the public often falls for this.

I have read in the Straits Times and AsiaOne, stories of 14-15 girls going
out with older teens/twenties young men, and the growth of STDs in that age

Sex education, seems more like sex suggestions for an ever younger group of
girls, and the media seems all to willing to sexualize young women.


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first, to meet some I had not thought to see there; second, to miss some I had expected to see there; and third --
the greatest wonder of all
-- to find myself there.

-- John Newton

Rock Hard said...

All women loves sex..
But not all women are good in sex.
Some are very reciprocating, some are co-operative, and some are just plain lazy and asking to be serve only.
For the latter type, those are the ones I will pick last if there's no other choices.

Yu-Kym said...

David, I agree the media is of great influence. They don't always tell the whole truth.

Rock Hard, women seem to be able to get away with being lazy because there are too many men to go around.

Rock Hard said...

Yu Kym, you forgot something..
There are plenty of women just as much as plenty of men.
Am sure many men will agreed on this.
Lazy womenn in bed equals to a Lousy fuck like a dead fish.
The men may consider real hard before returning for another session with her.
As for those women who put the pleasure of their men first, the men will work against all odds just to be with her again.
Would you continue to sleep with a men who just lie there, get erected, let you ride on him and game over under 3 mins?
You rather prefer a man who make efforts in foreplay, giving long oral sex, trying out many positions and definately last more than just 3 mins.
That's what I call a reciprocating lover.

Yu-Kym said...

I'm sure everyone prefers a good lover.

An avid reader said...

Reading your post here makes me started on fantasy masturbation thoughts.There are so many self-righteous BS out there when it comes to the subject of sex. Thanks for being so true.

Anonymous said...

i went for full medical check up last time. I could feel i was wet when entering the room without panty and even when the male doctor inserted his finger into my anus. i think he can see clearly my wet vagina. i even felt excitement despite there was nurse around. Felt shy and shame as that was my first full medical checkup and the worst part, i didnt trim my hair as i was in no idea that anus insertion will taken place.

CharlieTT said...

Anon - very interesting comment. Are you just kidding or what? Why would a doctor poke your anus for a medical checkup? I thought doctors only collect stool sample.

So did the doctor give you his number? So that he can 'cure' your hornyness. Hahaha


Yu-Kym said...

I had mine probed too during medical checkup.

Charlie TT said...


For what sort of checkup that the doc has to probed of all places, there? Male or female doctor? How I wish I am the doctor....just kidding lah....

Yu-Kym said...

Charlie TT, imagine having to probe infected body parts - it must look and smell bad...

Soft Release said...

Do you love sex or do you want to be LOVED?

I'm asking because sex masquerades as love.