Acting virginal

It is common for Singaporean women to withhold sex and act as if sex was such a precious thing to them.

One of my teachers in secondary school told us that she valued her virginity so much that she did not have sex with her husband till three months after their marriage! I pity her husband.

They would date guys, refuse to have sex with them but have FB's on the side to satisfy their sexual hunger. How do I know this? I know one too many men who tell me that they are sleeping with women who are "seriously" dating other men. The clueless guys would think that the women they are dating are "pure" and don't sleep around.

Then there are girls who claim to be virgins or act virginal but constantly post pictures on their blogs of themselves in skimpy lingerie. Give me a break! And I'm a virgin too!

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Jeryc said...

Their body their choices. But I can't stand a tease.

BTW, I am a virgin, on the backside... *shy..

Anonymous said...

Sex is overrated... Though i am still reading..

Anonymous said...

Most of girls try not to have sex with BF too soon, but enjoy boys to touch their body and willing to help boys masturbate or blow job, may last for a year, is it a good way try to keep her virginity longer? How she is going to solve her sex desire.

Yu-Kym said...

Jeryc, backside virgin but not frontside virgin :P

Anon, I think it's usually better imagined than performed.

Anon, there are many cases where the girlfriend is sleeping with someone else! Act virgin in front of boyfriend.

Joe said...

Woah I would prefer a girl who love sex and enjoy it. Rather than pretending as a virgin.

Rock Hard said...

Sexually active women chose to sleep with their FB cos the FB fulfill their inner sexual desire...
While their BF/Husband give them a sense of security like commitment and monetary sense.
By acting virgin or pretending they have no desire for sex, they strike as a very noble or women of good moral standings.
Thus they are highly sought after as the wife kind of material.
As for those women who proclaim they loves sex a lot, their partner may fear that one day, if they are unable to perform/sexually satisfying like they used to, their highly sex drive GF/Wife may seek other men for gratifications.
That's a fact.
Just as women who prefer a romantic man over a horny guy to be their future husband.
If a women knew that the men loves to fucks a lot, she may feel insecure with that man, as he may fucks other women when she is unavailable.

Yu-Kym said...

It's sad that women have to pretend so that men think of them as wife material.

Anonymous said...

Sad but I think there are a lot of truth in what RH wrote. Women can be very manipulative on this. Can be acting 'whore' one nite and 'pure' on another like you said.

Anonymous said...

hi kym,

could you please give me some advice on this issue plz? i like this post of urs..

i loved my current gf very much, despite knowing that she is not a virgin since the first day we met. however, only recently i started to imagine frequently how her ex-bf tricked her into having sex with him..and how he starts to fondle her private part and how she reacts...the more i think of this, the more i wanted to flirt around while still, loving my gf.

is there any words of wisdom that u could wake me up and accept this fact? and forget about the past?


Rock Hard said...

Dear Vexed-Pat,

May I ask you a question?

Are you a virgin yourself?
If you are, are you thinking of losing your virginity to another virgin only?

If you are not a virgin anymore, have you ever think what your current GF thinks of you with other girls playing with your dick, massaging your balls, sucking your rod with their lips and swallowing your length into their mouth and letting you ride them from all sorts of positions?
Besides, how young is your GF when she claim she was "tricked" into having sex with her BF?
Why are you bother about how she react with her past lover/BF?
She is presently fucking with you isn't it? How she react with you should be the same unless you are really lousy in bed.
When I mean lousy, it means you are not paying special attentions to her needs. Like what turns her on and so forth.

Frankly, I doubted you actually love her.
I think you just wanna screw her in the first place when she confessed she is no longer a virgin anymore. And after shagging her, now you say you wanna flirt/fuck around while "still in love" with her?

Either you be good boy and get rid of this thoughts of chasing other girls and learn to see your GF as a human being with feelings and not just a piece of pussy.


Be a dick and hope your GF remains "faithful" to your lust while you go out seeking other sexual partners then come back here and whine about your other girls' previous sexual experience are much better than you again.

Choice is yours.

Anyway, everyone here are entertained whether you wake up or forget about your GF's past.

Anonymous said...

Well... isn't Yu-Kym acting like some "I'm better than you low-lifes" attitude and yet at the same time projecting the image of a slut?

Same lah...

Anonymous said...

But Anonymous,

But Yu-Kym IS better than many of us in many ways. And if she is incapable to behave at times like a slut, she wont have a high sex drive to begin with, wont she? lol

curious cat