Should a period put a stop to your hot date?

Guys, have you ever been turned down for a hot date at the last minute?

There are times when I have arranged to meet someone for a hot date and then suddenly I get my menses! (It is also commonly referred to as a "period".)

Whenever that happens, I'm in two minds about proceeding with the date and putting a full stop at sex - which is totally anti-climax both figuratively and literally - or to postponing the date. If I plan on postponing the date, what reason should I give? Should I make up some excuse, e.g. I am having a fever, or should I tell him the truth? Do guys really want to know that I'm having my menses or would they find it a total turn-off and not want to date me after that?

I know that I am just paranoid.
1. Having menses is normal and "proof" that I am still in my reproductive years.
2. Unlike in the olden days when blood was thought to be dirty, the modern man knows that type of blood is not any dirtier than blood that runs through our veins.
3. If guys can talk about shit all the time and expect women not be feel turned-off, women can talk about menses.
4. For women with normal menstrual cycles, they won't get pregnant during their menses.
5. Some guys enjoy having bloody sex.

There was this once when I decided to proceed with the date anyway. Things got hot in the car and I told him that I was having my menses and was wearing a tampon. I added that unless I removed it, there was no way we could have sex and if I did remove it, I didn't know how messy it was going to be. He said that he had a plastic bag and tissue paper. And boy, was I glad I didn't let me period put a stop to that hot date!

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Darren said...

So how did it feel like(for you) to have sex during ur period? And wanst it messy during insertion with blood all over?

I cant imagine taking out my penis seeing some blood over it. =P Maybe im not up to it just yet.

Joe said...

Woah Hot... Love it!

Anonymous said...

Its a no, no, having sex during this period, its damaging to women. I feel i must respect her No entry wish. Not only is it messy, its nature that during this time all the ' filth' are being flushed out, you are only pushing it in! not a good idea. Surely one can wait for a few days!

Jeryc said...

It is messy...

Yu-Kym said...

Darren, no blood came out. Maybe it wasn't a "heavy day".

Kfr, why do you think of it as filth? It's not filth. It's just un-utilized blood.

Anonymous said...

Got period better than no period

aka got eggs better than no eggs


Yu-Kym said...

Tezza, women still have eggs after menopause.

peter said...

personally i love sex during this time, it is like a free ride and the times i have done it the woman seems to enjoy it more. it is not dirty or wrong although it does require some care with sheets or what ever you are over. if you want to cancel because of this, be honest. if he can not deal with a normal function of the human body he is a waste of time. also sex during period is cleaner because walls of vagina get cleaned from this. i very rarely use condom because i can not feel energy.