Love at first sight is a fairy tale

Do you believe in love at first sight? I only believe in lust at first sight. It's all sex pheromones talking anyway.

I believe there can be no love without respect (but there can be respect without love). How is it possible to establish respect at first sight? It is possible to establish that there is no respect but it is impossible to establish that the person has respect for you.

1. When a guy is constantly late without valid reasons, that's disrespect for my time.
2. When a guy invades my privacy and reads messages off my mobile phone or reads my emails without permission, that's disrespectful.
3. When a guy lies to me, that's disrespectful because he treats me like I'm stupid or I don't deserve to know the truth for whatever reason.
4. When a guy forces his views on me, not allowing me to openly express an opinion different from his without him getting upset and aggressive, then he does not respect me.
5. When a guy uses physical force on me, that is disrespect for me physically and emotionally.

#1 may happen on the first date but the other will take time to show.

All of us grow out of believing in Santa Claus. If you told someone that you still believe in Santa Claus, they'll think you are mad.
In the same way, it is time we grow out of believing in love at first sight as written in fairy tales.

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Anonymous said...

not sure about "love @ First Sight, but i certainly know there is such thing as "Hate" @ First Sigh lol

Anonymous said...

YK, I also feel that its lust at first sight. There is something you see in her that you want or like. Then comes 'love' and when that sets in, it is true that 'love' becomes totally blind!

Jeryc said...

Love at first sight is a myth. There are no such things as love at first sight. Maybe first sex.... LOL... Experience taught me not to go for love at first sight... It kills you everytime, perfectly too :D

Yu-Kym said...

Anon, hate at first sight? I know dislike at first sight but not hate.

Kfr, I don't find love to be totally blind. But I have done stupid things for "love". After a while I regained my sight.

Jeryc, wild animal sex at first sight maybe. Luckily I didn't get raped by the monkey. . Kills perfectly eh... better to be left dead than half alive.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there is love at first sight, but my experience told me that there is definitely liking at first sight. When you develop some liking for the other party you will attempt to get to know the other party a bit more and that is the seed to a loving relationship (hopefully).

How's your book project getting along?


Yu-Kym said...

Hayek, yes there's definitely like/dislike. The sexual chemistry.