I want to meet YOU

In my 1 year of blogging, I have received many requests to meet me but met only 3 friends who got to know me from my blog (Janet Chew (author of The Mile High Club), one friend whom I got to know from the SG Blog Awards 2009, and 1 friend overseas).

I am touched by the messages I have received from friends who said they will help me to ask their family and friends to vote. To show my appreciation, I would like to meet one new friend after the favourite sports blogger contest.

If you would like to meet me, please send me an email (gal2000@hotmail.com) with the subject title "Meet me!", a self-introduction and a screenshot of the registration/voting page (If you have already voted, you can take a screenshot of the registration page. You can blank out the information that you don't want me to see). If you have gone the extra mile to ask your friends and family to vote please describe that in your email too. If you are the most sincere person, I will buy you lunch/dinner! :) If you permit, I will post the winning email here and pictures of our meeting here on my blog.

If I win, all who email me will receive an exclusive picture from my private collection which will not be posted at my blog.

If you only want a copy of the exclusive picture please email me the screenshots of the registration/voting page with an email subject title "Send it to me!"

Please vote for me for favourite sports blogger! I want to win the MacBook so that I can write more. I don't have a laptop now. Registration is free and takes only 1 minute. Also, you'll stand to win a Samsung netbook. Hurry! Contest ends on Tuesday 13 April.

Please send me your entries by 13 April and I will decide the winner by 18 April. The lunch/dinner will be at a time and place convenient for you.

Here's how to vote:

Step 1. Register http://www.singaporesports.sg/tabid/92/default.aspx?ret=C

Step 2. Go to the voting page http://www.singaporesports.sg/Contest/tabid/69/default.aspx and click on "Vote Now" for Yu-Kym Loh. The number should increase by 1. You only need to vote once.


David said...


I trust that more than, the current 281 votes, you already have will grow by your SG and Malaysian followers getting their friends to vote for you.

Sadly North American's cannot vote.

Folks, friends and blog followers,

VOTE for YU-KYM LOH!!!!!


Anonymous said...

that was pretty pathetic, what with the "private collection picture" and "i want to meet you" blah blah.

Rock Hard said...

Think you are the one who is freaking pathetic and a pussy to hide in anonymous.

I personally feel it's a unconventional creative ways to make a killing for the Sports Blogging contest.

Besides..all politicians, celebrity, and marketing dangle some form of rewards to get more votes or sales..

So shut the fuck up if you are simply jealous or simply cannot see people come out with creative ideas.

Go suck on some horse dick bitch.

Anonymous said...

Imagine using a "meeting" and "private collection photo" to pull votes, she really want to win very badly and with that, i will support her.

Yu-Kym said...

Due to the overwhelming response, I will be meeting 2 new friends instead of 1. I have met one new friend already and will be arranging to meet another.

But because I didn't win, I won't be releasing any private pictures.