I have poor man-luck

I have a terrible record with guys so far this year. Nothing goes smoothly. Even when I'm only meeting a male friend (not for a date) things go wrong, e.g. someone has to work late, there's a bad traffic jam, bad weather, etc.

I would like to think it is all in my mind, but I feel that it is not in my mind but something beyond my control.

I tried to stay away from trouble by being a hermit but trouble comes looking for me (and I admit that one incident was me looking for trouble). E.g. guys from the past send me messages and guys whom I regard as friends seem to want something more. Perhaps it is a "good" problem to have but I am feeling frustrated and distracted.

I wonder whether there is anyone out there who has no sex drive and no need for love.

Do you ever feel that you simply have no luck in relationships for a certain period of time?


David said...


I in fact had a multi-year stretch without any female companions. No one to meet with for a drink, a coffee or even to go out for lunch.

Looking back I know now that I was telegraphing the fact that I was LOOKING for someone. What I did not know at the time was that I really was not offering anything except that I was looking...

When I really accepted who I am I reached a point where I was sure that I would go through life single, a real bachelor. A complete bachelor with no hope of ever being interesting to any women. BTW, I was in my 30s by this time.

During this period where I was not looking is when I met the women who is now my wife.

That story is ours only.

One more interesting point. Young single women during the late 70s and early 80s were not looking for ONS, or quicky BFs.

I wish you luck and I still pray for you.

Growing up I accepted long ago is a life long proposition. Now I am having fun in life, and purpose.


Yu-Kym said...

David, it's great that you found a life partner. I am ok with being on my own but trouble seems to come looking for me. I know more or less what I have to offer but I am only going to offer it to the right person.

David said...


There are many Mr. Right nows.

THE Mr. Right may not be in SG...


Anonymous said...

Try the friendship matching sites. There are many suitors for you. And you are not a lone. Give yourself a chance and enjoy life to the fullest.

Yu-Kym said...

Kfr, those websites are full of sex seekers.

Jeryc said...

Well, I heard Malaysian are great lovers... LOL!

Rock Hard said...

Success comes after millionth times trying.
Let's not be discourage so easily.
Besides, living in Singapore, having a partner in love is secondary to being financially stable.
Why want a partner only to go hungry most of the time?
Rather stay single and not hungry at all.

well...we are guys mah. can't blame us if we got turn-on by you!

Anonymous said...

What David said is correct. Dont go loud hailing your need for a partner!
If it is fixed for you to be single, all your efforts at finding Mr Right will come to nought.
If it is fixed for you to be happily married, Mr Right will come along.
Regards - Leo

ps. I managed to vote for you and wish you all the best!