Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

Do you enjoy an adrenalin rush?
I admit that I do. I love speed, the wind in my hair, feet off the ground stuff like roller coaster rides, go-karting, rock climbing, scuba diving and jumping off high walls/across drains (I was champion for long jump in secondary 2 after which I injured my ankle from running down the stairs and never took part in the event again). I get a "high" from completing the task successfully or simply staying alive.

You may already know that adrenaline can be addictive and there are adrenaline junkies who constantly seek and perform high-risk activities for their adrenaline fix. They put themselves and sometimes even other people at risk.

Do you know that having unprotected sex (also known as raw sex) is one way in which these people get their fixes? It is not the carnal pleasure that they enjoy from raw sex but the danger of potentially contracting an infection that gives them a high. When they come out of it alive without contracting any infections, they feel as if they have won or cheated death.

It is so perverse but this is true. Do take care of yourself. These people don't care about putting your health and life at risk in order to obtain the high that they need.