Don't use blue balls to play the game

Have you ever heard of "blue balls"? This is a term used for pain in the testes or discomfort that occurs when a man becomes sexually aroused without ejaculating. It is supposedly to be caused by temporary fluid congestion in the testicles and prostate region.

I heard that some guys cite that as a reason for making gals sleep with them or give him blowjobs or handjobs. So far, I have not encountered any guys who complain of this problem. We could have made out for more than an hour or had sex without giving him any form of release but I have never had any complaints. Perhaps they know that they were already very lucky to have even gotten that far with me and if they complain, I would just say, "Oh dear! Let's not do it again next time!"

This "blue balls" excuse is about as good as the "headache" excuse that women give men to reject sex.


David said...


I have never experienced such and occurrence as you describe.

A people should really think about when being asked to participate in love making.

Be honest! Not in the mood, or feeling up to a romp. Take the courage and decency not to lie to your partner.

Honesty and being up front with feelings grows a relationship more than a romantic night out.


Yu-Kym said...

David, I don't know whether you mean people shouldn't start something that they can't finish?
I agree 100% that honesty is important!

David said...


Yes, if you start something and cannot finish. Be up front.

This happens to everyone.
Life is not like movies where every time a man and women come together everything is fantastic. That is fantasy.

Real life has it's up days and down days.


Joe said...

Trust me, "blue balls" are true and painful. Kinda like the pain experienced when getting hit in the nuts. Used to get them a lot during teenage years.
It happens because you are close to ejaculation, the semen has travelled all the way up till the base of the penis. So if you stop there and then, the inside tube(sorry,don't know the scientific term) is blocked by the semen.
Solution for guys is to either D.I.Y. immediately or ,if your mood have been disrupted, to pee.

Yu-Kym said...

David, it might start out with necking to petting but it doesn't go to sex. Can't declare upfront because the two people might not know how far they want to go beforehand.

Joe, at my fan page someone pointed out that women won't be able to understand the discomfort of blue balls in the same way that men won't understand menstrual cramps :P

Joe said...

Yup, read your page. Actually I mentioned during teenage years as those were the period where one is easily aroused and also due to constant interruption.(such as no proper place to make up so ending up in staircases or deserted corners where the full deed can't be fufilled).

Anonymous said...

yeah, blue ball is unbearable..any women can punish their man by making this...

Anonymous said...

Haha I didnt know its called blue balls. But yes, from personal experience it is a real pain occurring in the testicles region.

It only happens to me after heavy petting not culminating in ejaculation. It occurs only during the younger days of my adulthood presumably because of the high libido and copious production of semen.

This uncomfortable and often painful condition disappears after a DIY or if sometimes the discomfort or pain is bearable, after an hour or two. The condition gradually disappears too when I reach middle age.

But it is certainly despicable and utterly pathetic for the man to use it as an excuse to encourage sex with the girl.

curious cat