Blogging suspended indefinitely

I am suspending my blogging indefinitely.

I am encouraged by your support and thank you for taking time off your busy schedules to vote for me. I'm sorry to disappoint you - the way the voting is going I am not going to win.

Over the past year I set aside 1 hour per day writing and a little more time responding to comments and emails. With 365 posts per year, I could have compiled what I write into a book and sell it but I offered everything for free. I gained neither money nor prizes from blogging. (I turned down some advertisers because I don't want to display advertisements for goods that I myself don't buy. If you think I earn tonnes of money from advertisements, you are wrong.)

It would be sad for my blog to be a thing of the past. It is painful. It hurts me. But change may be necessary to achieve the success that I want.

My vision for myself is to be a published writer. Not to be an award-winning blogger or celebrity blogger.

This blog might have finished serving its purpose. I was using blogging to test the waters: to test whether I can write for a year and still enjoy it, and to test whether anyone would enjoy reading what I write.

The "contest" that I announced yesterday is still valid. I will keep my word. Do look out for my post about the lunch/dinner here and check your email for the picture. I will also update this blog when my book is about to be released and I may post my Melbourne trip photos.

I am grateful for your friendship. I will miss you all. Please continue to email me, tweet me, or leave messages on my Facebook page when you have the time so that we can keep in touch.

(I hope you will enjoy reading the previous articles that I have written if you have not read them yet.)


Anonymous said...

Hey, chin up girl, you are clearly disappointed right now but dont forget that your blog has attracted plenty of readers and voters and that means you are doing something right. Yours is a unique voice in Singapore and however you choose to express yourself blog published writer etc you will be successful

David said...


Your blog, your pithy comments and life views will be missed!

Looking forward to your books!


Happiness is natural; joy is spiritual.

-- Kenny Martin

cactus79 said...

Hi there,
well, a little bit shock and upset that you are not going to continue your blog here. Your blog has been accompanied me every morning since i on my computer at work. It makes me feel alive and refreshing. Your blog has perk me up whenever i feel tired and bored in the office. ( better than coffee!)
But i am sure your readers will support whatever your decision is.
Am looking forward for your coming book. keep writing!~

charles said...

It's sad to see you go. Will definitely miss your postings. Looking forward to your book.

Anonymous said...

There are moments in our life where we question ourselves about everything and our direction in life. It looks like you're at that stage. :)

Good Luck with your book. You've certainly been an inspiration to me.

I've made it a point to read your blog and see your smile as it always brighten up my day!


Anonymous said...

In deed it is not easy to write everyday, bold, daring, provocative and shocking FAQs, facts and stories. Alot of research, thoughts and talents are required. I respect and congratulate you for that. The good thing is it stays in the Net forever. I am sure your short and long term goals will become reality. To me the articles are shocking exciting and stimulating.
Enjoy the success coming. Kfr

lehlew pengyiu said...

All the best to you, Yu-Kym. You will be missed. Looking forward to reading your book . Take care!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kym,

It looks like you are now taking the path as u mentioned in one of ur earlier blogs "The ONE decision". After writting for seasons, you began to choose the publishing path.

Although sad to know that, but am glad for you because to pursue one's dream is the greatest goal of life. Please do let me know if your book is being published, as it may not be easily spotted here in Malaysia's bookstores.


Rock Hard said...

She'll be back.
Not regularly but she'll be back.

Anonymous said...

Kym, I will be missing you. I will visit here off and on and will read your old postings. Hope to read your book in near future.


Anonymous said...

Hi dear,
Please don't stop. Today's the first time I came by your blog. How rare it is to find such an intelligent AND sexy girl at the same time? I'm tired of blondie types like the Boomz Gal. Bet we will have great sexual chemistry :-D Oh, wouldn't you like to join us over here Am sure they're dying to meet you!


yg said...


if you enjoy writing and blogging, you should continue with what you have been doing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yu-Kym,

I am sorry that i may interpret this wrongly but it seems that you want to win this award thingy and expect us to support you? And when the objective is not achieved, you are suspending your blog out of anger?

From day one when you started this blog writing about your life etc and posting sexy photos of yourself, you would have expected that you may be facing competitors like the rest of the bloggers out there which i think the life span of it is short, you know better.

Since you may have positioned yourself as a blogger who post sexy photos of yourself and writing explicit contents of a story, there is probably no chance or difficulties in turning back and changing your image at this moment, besides what other people think of you generally also reflects on how the results are shown.

From the results or votings etc, you probably will know where you stand when you portray such an image to the general public, you may then want to decide whether to pursue a career from here or not.

While blogging is a channel where you stay very closely to your supporters or readers, it or the activities derived from it has also been understood as another commercial tool.

These are my two cents worth, i could be wrong, but take good care anyway.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


Anonymous said...

Hi kym,

although u r suspending the blog, u can also reply to ur fans here in the comment isn't it? Suspending ur blog doesn't mean u cant appear in here?

boh.tak.chek. said...

It's been fun reading your blog ? why Suddenly stop now. Really hope to read from you again.

Serious?? I love your blog! I am a single mom so I kinda live vicariously through you ;) I've had my own issues so I haven't looked at your blog lately and missed the voting. I hope you change your mind!

Yu-Kym said...

Thank you for your support. In case you have not heard the news, my blog has re-opened today. New post available NOW! I look forward to interacting with you!