Why women should carry condoms

1. Women need to take control and responsibility for their own bodies.
Women are more susceptible to contracting sexually transmitted infections than men.
Women are the ones who would get pregnant.
Women are the ones who need to take the morning-after pill or go for abortions.
How can they expect men to take responsibility?

2. Men are human. They forget.
It's not fair to make it solely the man's responsibility to bring it.

3. Men use it as an excuse to trap women.
We all know that using condoms significantly reduces sex pleasure for men. When I put my finger through a condom, I can't feel anything on the other side of it. Some men intentionally "forget" to bring condoms because they simply don't want to use it. Then they would convince the woman that they are too high to stop or try to get the woman high too in the hope of getting her to agree to raw sex. If women carry condoms, they avoid getting themselves into such situations altogether.

4. In case of rape.
Perhaps this sounds silly but I carry a condom with me when I travel just in case I get raped. If I find myself in a situation where rape is inevitable, I would try to ask the guy to use a condom. It might not work but not harm asking.

It's silly for women not to carry condoms because they think it's a hassle or they want to avoid being thought of as hussies.

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Rock Hard said...

Not every woman thinks like you.
Some like it bareback too..
and as for asking the rapist to wear a condom before he rapes you?
Any suggestion on how are you going to convince him to do that?
"Look, handsome..if you wanna fuck me, would you like me to slip this on (show him the condom) with my mouth or you prefer me to use my hand and put it on for you?"

Yu-Kym said...

Or tell the rapist that I have HIV?

Anonymous said...

Man, it is a smart move to carry your own condom. Women can carry more disease without knowing than you think. And you are right YK, at least you can warn him of that deadly HIV before the raw deal or face the consequence of not puting it on.

Yu-Kym said...

Kfr, you are right. You never know what diseases a woman might be carrying. Sometimes they themselves might not know because it's internal and they can't see it. How many sexually active women even bother to go for pap smear? http://yu-kym.blogspot.com/2009/10/pap-smear-what-why-when-who-how.html
How many women who smell bad down there get themselves checked immediately?

Anonymous said...

Re: 4. Read before and I think it works since I feel I'll be turned off too; piss and shit and the potential rapist may just decide to go for another target.


Yu-Kym said...

Tezza, thanks for the tip. I hope I will never need to try that.

SiFuKen said...

u r a very good writer..

Yu-Kym said...

SiFuKen, thanks :) You are a good reader ;)

Soft Release said...

Rape is more of a VIOLENT crime than a sexual one.

It is a case of a man forcing the woman into SUBMISSION. So the more the victim struggles, the more violent the man gets as it's a sign of the victim refusing to submit. That's why sex in rape cases is very rough.

It's not sex per se that attracts the man but what excites him is his ability to subdue the woman.