When it's game over for sex toy shops, alternatives are just round the corner

There were raids done in Malaysia on businesses selling "health products". They were actually selling sex toys. Sex is good for health, no?

Anyway, in one raided shop the owner claimed some of the items confiscated were neck massagers and proceeded to demonstrate on the police deputy director-general's neck. I hope it wasn't a "used" one.

This reminds me of the handheld massager, uVibe by Osim, which claims to "ease strains and aches effortlessly with uVibe's pinpoint massage. Cordless and lightweight, you can carry the rechargeable uVibe wherever you go. Great as a travel companion as it slips easily into any handbag... Use it daily and let uVibe work its magic." It is said to be every girl's best friend. With its curved wand shaped like a g-spot stimulator or curved penis, it's not hard to imagine why.

I heard some girls use their handphones' vibrating feature. I suppose that's why handphone condoms were invented. Otherwise if the handphone fails to function, they'll have a hard time explaining to the handphone service centre staff what the dried stuff stuck in the phone's circuit boards is.

My back is aching! I should go buy myself a massager!

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Anonymous said...

oh ghosh..using handphone vibrating for that?

that not so hygenic isn't it..if someone

suddently call how..?

Yu-Kym said...

That's why they need to use a handphone "condom".
Perhaps it's more exciting when a call cums in :D

boh.tak.chek. said...

handphone condom ? they've got just about anythingabt sex on sale these days

Anonymous said...

guys, i think she means handphone condoms as in those silicone rubber casings u can slip ur phone into, which protects the phone from scratches n gives u a better grip. lol.

Yu-Kym said...

Yeah lol. Even keyboards have condoms too :D

Anonymous said...

No, she literaly means that it has the same ruber material you slip your handphone in to before slipping it in to your pussy. Then let it ring and vibrate as long as u like. Magic! lor

Anonymous said...

no!! she meant using the real condom that you use to wear on your kkb when making love. the hand phone casing is too hard and rough.

Rock Hard said...

That kind of puny vibrations from the phone can get you nowhere.
When getting a vibrating "massager", the one thing I look out for is...Mega strong vibrating capacity!!!
Vibrate until the "Hot Spring" erupted from the crack. Just like an earthquake busting an underground pipe.

Yu-Kym said...

Rock Hard, what brand is that?

They said that sex toys are considered as healthy products but I think it is not right that the entrepreneurs did not state that in their business permits.