Use a condom case - just in case

A guy whom I met for the first time for sports - real sports, not bedroom sports - tried to take his money out of his shorts pocket to buy us drinks when a thin, round plastic container about 5cm in diameter and 1cm in thickness rolled out on the floor. He ran to catch it back and said to me, "It's not what you think it is." Actually I wouldn't have thought anything about it if he didn't say that.

Was it a condom case?

There are many beautifully designed condom cases, holders and containers. Here are some:

Personalised Condom Cases

There's a website that even personalizes cases for you. You can choose the design (e.g. animals, sports, religion), colour, type of metallic finishing, engraving.

I think it's a good present to buy for your partner if you want to share the responsibility of carrying condoms. As I mentioned in my previous post [Condoms: Whose responsibility is it to buy and bring it?], women are usually shy to carry condoms. Other than to protect your condoms from getting bent or cut, condom cases also reduce potential embarrassment:
- If you store the condom in your wallet, sometimes the round indentation pokes out through the leather.
- If it drops out of your pocket or bag.
- Some handbags are shallow so the contents of the bag can be seen by others when you open it.
- You accidentally take the wrong thing out of your bag.

So was it a condom case? So far I have not seen any condom cases that are round. The foil wrapper of condoms are square-shaped so condom cases are squarish too.
Therefore, no, it was not a condom case. But whether that case, whatever kind of case it was, contained a condom, is anybody's guess.

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David said...


A mystery has entered your life?


Rock Hard said...

That's a chewing gum la...

Yu-Kym said...

David, some questions are better left unanswered? :)

Rock Hard, as the joke goes, chewing gum is recycled condoms :P

Rock Hard said...

That's a sickest joke I ever heard!!