Underarm and pubic hair removal can be such a pain!

I would like to share with you the methods of hair removal I've tried over the years.

Underarm hair
1. Shaving
Cheap, convenient and fast. What I dislike about this that the hair appears to be thicker and the hair stubbles are visible. If I forget to shave for one day, e.g. I woke up late for work and have to rush, my armpit looks totally gross!
(Note: Shaving does not make your hair grow thicker or faster. If it does, people who are balding can shave their heads daily to solve the problem.)

2. Depilatory cream
When applied to hair, the chemicals in the cream causes hair above the skin surface to disintegrate. The good thing about such cream is the hair stubble do not appear as thick as when I shave. But I hated the smell of the cream.

3. Waxing
This basically is mass-pulling of all the hair that get stuck on a wax strip. I found the wax to be rather messy and waxing was painful because I have to pull fast and hard. The wax is difficult to wash off and I don't like the smell. Also, I would need to let the hair grow out by at least 1cm otherwise there wouldn't be enough length to allow the hair to stick on to the wax strip. The effects only last for a few days before hair starts to grow out again - not enough to justify the amount of work and pain.

4. Epilator
An epilator is a small device plucks out hair (like a multiple tweezers) at high speed. It was painful initially. As painful as waxing but without the bad smell and waxy messy. After a period of using the epilator, it got less painful - I think because the hair roots are weaker or I just got used to the pain.

Epilators can pluck out very short hair. Hair is plucked out together with the roots so regrowth is slow and there are no stubbles. I only need to use it once every 2 or 3 days. Even if I forget, it won't look like a disaster.

The only drawback is the initial price you have to pay for them. Epilators are not cheap but I think it's a good investment for personal grooming. I bought my epilator (brand: Epilady) for SG$80 more than 10 years ago and it's still working fine. That means I paid only $8 a year for hair removal.

5. Laser hair removal
I still was not fully satisfied with having to use the epilator. Laser hair removal promised to remove all my underarm hair once and for all. The laser was supposed to "burn and kill" the hair from the roots. The dark hair would absorb the heat from the laser to burn the hair follicle which causes hair growth. I signed up for 5 sessions with a doctor (I can't remember the exact price - must have been at least a few hundred dollars). A number of sessions would be needed because not all the hair would be present at any particular point in time (some may have just dropped off).

I was told not to use an epilator; shaving is ok but he recommended that I shouldn't shave a few days before each session. I followed his instructions and didn't miss any sessions, the results appeared rather convincing when hair started dropping out like they were dead but... I still have underarm hair!! My sister also tried it and it didn't work for her either. Maybe something to do with our genes: just cannot kill off our hair! (Both my parents still have full heads of hair).

I'm back to using my epilator. Sometimes I shave instead if I'm in a hurry.

Pubic hair
After trying waxing and other methods for removing underarm hair, I decided that I would not try them on my pubic area! Trimming takes too long and I'm afraid to cut the wrong thing! Shaving is my preferred method and the only method that I use now.

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~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Mm true.. "Shaving does not make your hair grow thicker or faster. If it does, people who are balding can shave their heads daily to solve the problem.." Cheaper than XO haha

Im in pole dance now so thought to try the IPL waxing, at least there's barely any hair regrowth.. Shaving seems troublesome. Babe, have u tried waxing salons? Heard from reviews Honeypot (@Raffles Pl) not bad? :)

David said...


You could devote volumes of discussion on shaving.

From the male side of this, I use an electric shaver to keep underarm short.

My wife has no problem with the rest of my hair. BTW, like many Americans of European decent I have hair on my bottom cheeks.
Not covered thick like fur, more like evenly scattered individual hairs.

My head OTOH, I just keep what little is left very short.

When will you provide an update on your business plan?


Yu-Kym said...

Pink Miu Miu, IPL waxing works for you? The problem I have with shaving is : I need to shave immediately before going for a swim. If I shave in the morning, by the time it's evening some hair would have grown out already. I have not tried waxing salons. Waxing is sooo painful. I find it inconvenient to have to fix an appointment and it's expensive too (compared to shaving).

David, some Chinese have hair on their cheeks too. Depends on which part of China they come from. According to my dad, my grandfather was hairy.
I would definitely share the plan at the right time, probably around middle of the year :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. I have been wanting to ask how you shave pubic hair. I use the gillette venus shaver for my underarms, arms, legs and pubic area too. It's easy to shave the higher parts, but when you get down there, it's difficult to shave. Do you have this problem too? Or you choose to just trim that part?

Yu-Kym said...

I use a cheapo disposable shaver. Why? It has a slimmer, non-flexible head. I prefer the type without a moisturizing strip because I don't want my fingers to slip.

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

No, so far used manual ones.. wanted to try waxing then the salon staff strongly recommended me IPL instead after knowing i do pole dance. So will do waxing in the meanwhile.

The pain threshold is quite subjective.. maybe u do sports often and prob wont find it painful :) and some of my dance mates who had done it said it's shiok and u will do it again coz the feeling is juz so clean =)

Wah your mmm grow so fast lol.. maybe u shld consider IPL too, at least once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, just wondering if you have any techniques to make shaving easier for those parts. I find that I always get cuts. It ain't a pleasant place to get cuts.

Yu-Kym said...

Pink Miu Miu, laser hair removal for underarm hair didn't work for me so I doubt it will work for pubic hair. Besides, they only laser bikini line and not everything, right? So I'll still have to shave.

Anon, I hope you find these helpful:
- concentrate on shaving, don't think of anything else
- don't use shaving cream or lotion
- pull skin taut with your other hand
- shave slowly, move the blade slowly
- don't apply too much pressure
- shave in the direction of hair growth, Not against hair growth
- move shaver in 1 fluid motion in 1 direction, don't change direction halfway.

Anonymous said...

Yu Kym,

I used different methods of removing hairs. Pubic hair- Brzillian waxing; eye brow- threading; armpit-plucking. Shaving has been out of my diary for a while now!

Waxing could be painul if you don't get used to it especially DIY. You need to go to a professional to do it. Yeah, you let another person to see your vagina, which sometimes can get uncomfortable and sort of embarassing. I have been to a Brazillian lady to wax and love it! I've also been to a non-Brazillian and noticed the differences! The Brazillian lady uses natural ingredients for her wax which suits sensitive skin perfectly and she has more experiences. Most of the salons uses commercial wax and less experience workers. When I shared this with some friends, I received different feedbacks no matter what their backgrounds. For sure, Brazillian do it on a regular basis!

Threading could be painful for some people. I love the idea of using thread to get rid of the excessive hair out. All you need to make sure is trimming it with a tweezer on your own after that.

Plucking my armpit at least once a week is a must now. It's challenging for some people but I realize that this is much better than shaving! My armpit tends to get darker.

I have once accompanied a friend of mine to the laser hari removal. It takes her more than a year to minimize her hair in her armpit and leg. But then, it's not advisable for woman who plans to have kids. Your hormone could change after giving birth which could make your laser hair removal pointless.

Yu-Kym said...

The problem with waxing is you need to let the hair grow out a little. An epilator for the armpit area is much better than plucking out hair one strand at a time. Don't your eyes get crossed after staring down your armpit for too long?

Anonymous said...

Thanks! But still, the area nearest to the vagina is the most difficult place to shave.

Anonymous said...

Brazillian waxing at some places is actually quite good!

I've heard reviews regarding Pink Parlour. If I'm not wrong, it's $49 for each brazillian waxing session. It's been awarded Cleo awards for most painless waxing etc.. You can read up more on its website!

I heard that they have some very interesting products on sale too. (:

Yu-Kym said...

Anon, I find it the most difficult area too. I need to be very careful. So far, I have not cut myself (thankfully).

Anon, thanks for the information. I hope other readers it useful :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Yu-Kym i had find that the hair irritate me when it regrow after i shave myself into mawhawk pubic hair style.. What should i do to prevent it?

Yu-Kym said...

Hi, what kind of irritation? Did you shave in the direction of the hair growth?

Bikini Bodies said...
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