Travel Bug

Do you ever feel like you just have take a vacation?

I admit I was hit by the travel bug last year. I visited 11 cities in 2009:
2009/12/30- 2010/01/03: Siem Reap, Cambodia (sorry, I still have not completed writing it)
2009/12/27- 2009/12/29: Hoi An, Vietnam
2009/12/25- 2009/12/29: Da Nang, Vietnam
2009/11/27- 2009/11/30: Kuching, Malaysia
2009/09/22- 2009/09/25: Miri, Malaysia
2009/09/19- 2009/09/21: Labuan, Malaysia
2009/09/20- 2009/09/20: Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam
2009/07/17- 2009/07/22: Jakarta, Indonesia ( secret :X )
2009/04/27- 2009/05/01: Pulau Redang, Malaysia
2009/03/25- 2009/03/29: Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
2009/03/10- 2009/03/14: Phuket, Thailand
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But most Singaporeans love to travel! Some love the shopping, some love the eating, some love the sights, some love the culture, some love nature and the beaches, and some love the cooler temperatures. I had planned on having my feet in Singapore this year while I write my book but, well, plans change :P

Yesterday my dad called me to find out how I've been coping since my resignation from my job. And then he asked when I would like to go to Melbourne, Australia.

My late uncle came to Singapore some years back. He invited my dad and me to Melbourne. I said I would certainly visit. He has passed on but I've still not visited...

My aunt is living with my cousin there. My dad visits them almost every year. Last year, my dad and I planned to go there together but we cancelled our trip because of the H1N1 situation.

This time round I don't have any good reason for not going. Today, my dad picked the dates and called my aunt to confirm that she will be available on those dates. I just booked the flights and gotten the visas approved online so I'm finally going!


David said...


Have a great trip to Australia!

I look forward to your adventures and images from that trip!


Anonymous said...

Hi Yu Kym

Melbourne ok during sumnmer. Never visit it in Winter. It is a wet kind of cold & you will always catch a flu.

Have a great time ! Bring a good camera!

Regards, Leo

Anonymous said...

Why all the places you visited are cheap third-world countries? I wouldn't even go to these places even if you give me a free air-ticket.

Yu-Kym said...

My trip's planned for end of April. Long way to go! I won't be able to visit in winter even if I wanted to because my aunt's Not going to be there! She would go to a warmer city to stay.

People from all over the world come to visit the sights in Asia. I'm in Asia now, so how can I Not visit those countries and sights? Everyone has different interests. Some of my friends have completely no interest in looking at old buildings and ruins. I'm fascinated by the ingenious and crazy ideas they had when they built their old buildings and structures (e.g. great wall of China), their ways of life and their beliefs now and in the past, the food, etc.

Anonymous_CB said...

It's me again, CB. I'm going to Melbourne too in 1 mth time with friends, but is early April trip. What a coincidence. It'll be two weeks stay there, free and easy to plan trips, enjoy the local surroundings, culture and absorb it.

As one has spoken above, some would only travel to so-called expensive and exotic locations, something to brag about NY, London, Tokyo, Cruise, etc. Or perhaps they wish to have those trips like kings and queens (no effort trip, except shopping). They are not adventurous to go for real Safari trips, hiking/walking in Himalayas, or so called ASEAN locations.

Yu-Kym said...

Anonymous_CB, have a nice trip! You going to do a farmstay?

Anonymous_CB said...

no, just pure budget tourist holiday. Planning to go around VIC state, but not going to Sydney.

Jyoan said...

wow, you were really hit by the travel bug! And hard. I am fine with people who keep posting photos of their travels, so long it's well-photographed.

Yu-Kym said...

Anonymous_CB, how was your trip?

Jyoan, what qualifies as good photographs? Photographer-standard?