Spilling the tea on tea parties

Do you enjoy tea parties?

When I was young, tea parties meant make-believe parties with all our "female" dolls friends where we don't serve real tea.

When I was older, I understood tea parties to be for the tai tais* (rich, married ladies). They sit around having tea in little tea cups and ate finger food with their little pinkies pointed upwards, sharing the latest gossip.

Now a different thought comes to my mind when "tea party" is mentioned. I picture having my gal friends over. My butler greets them at the door. He shall be dressed in whichever way I deem as appropriate, even if it's just in his briefs. He sets the table and brews the tea.

He kneels beside the table to serve us tea. "More tea, Ma'am?" He ensures that our tea cups are always filled. He does not make eye contact because he's but a lowly servant. If anyone spills tea on the table or floor, he cleans it up. If I need to have private discussion with my friends, I have him dismissed into a corner where he sits awaiting my further instructions.

When my friends are leaving, he gets them their shoes and he helps them to hold their bags or offers his shoulder for support as they get their shoes on. He holds open the door for them and wishes them a good day ahead.

After that, he has to wash and clean up the place. If everything was done to my satisfaction, I'll give him some treats.

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jo said...

I'll gladly be your teaboy ma'am :)

Anonymous said...

i'm little curious, what will be the "treats" hmmm.........

Yu-Kym said...

Some fruit. Maybe coffee.

Anonymous said...

wasai.. these days still got this type of man ka, like slave some more sex slave, can give people 'shong' but got to DIY himself,
bowe liao la... all si liao lo......
But if you permit, I wanna apply for the position la... coz you are beautiful and I luv the camel toe.... walao ehh

David said...


Female superiority/domination appears to be a favorite topic.

Do indulge in acting out such fantasies?

Just curious.


Rock Hard said...

Looks like it's coming from my Porn script.
If there are many like you who enjoy such a disturbing story, I will gladly film one and sell it to all the nutty women like you on DVD Blue Ray disc.

Yu-Kym said...

Anon, send me your resume then :P Not walk-in interview.

Rock Hard, in your script you are the servant or you are being served? I think more nutty gay men will buy your film than nutty women.