Spelling and pronunciation mistakes can land you in court!

It's important to get your spelling and pronunciation right. I'm not being anal about it. It's for your own good. Errors are not only embarrassing but they can land you in court.

"Hi Jack. My name is Jane. Welcome to your interview with Jane & Co."
"Thank you, it's a pressure to meet you."

Jack is late for a meeting. Jane sends him a text message to ask him to hurry up.
He replies, "I'm cumming."

Jane needed the work to be done urgently so she said to her employee, Jack, "This work is urgent. I hope you don't mind that I'm giving you alot of pleasure."

Jack figures that he was going to be overworked and underpaid. He asks his boss, Jane, for a raise. She replies, "I need you to complete the work. I will arrange for an increment when the time is right. Thrust me please."

Jack says, "I am not going to work so hard just to safe your ass!"


skol said...

How come it feels more like a funny joke than anything else? Hehe

Yu-Kym said...

:P But it can land you in court too, right?

Anonymous_CB said...

... and my friend says, "I hope our room got hitter" (We're going to Melbourne)

"got" is favourite Manglish/Singlish speaker usage.

Yu-Kym said...

hitter! hahaha