Pubic hair styles

I'm not considering waxing (too ouch! for me) but I'm interested in the different "hair" styles.

Let's look at waxing, starting with the most extreme type of hair style.

Full Brazilian / Hollywood bikini / Bare pubic / Sphinx:
All pubic hair is removed including hair around the anus.

Brazilian / Playboy:
All pubic hair is removed, including hair around the anus, leaving a narrow strip in front. The strip is called a landing strip (see picture below). The width of the landing strip can as be a thin as a line or as thick as 4cm.

French / Modified bikini:
All hair is removed leaving a narrow strip in front. Hair from the area around the anus is not removed.

Full bikini:
Removes hair deeper down the bikini line than a regular bikini wax. It can can include waxing some hair on top to make the top area look triangular.

Regular bikini / The regular:
Removes the hair outside the bikini/panty line.

Different waxing salons might refer to the styles differently so it's best to check before selecting your hairstyle.

Other designs:
I suppose one can go wild with designs such as butterfly, lighting bolt, star, arrows, etc. Here are some more:

(Picture from

Other colours:
There are special dyes available in colours like red, pink, green, blue, yellow, etc. It seems pink heart shapes are popular for Valentine's Day.

I won't wax. I will shave clean as usual but will try some of the designs using my shaver.

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Anonymous said...

hahaha the "Heart Attack" is not easy to style as compare to the rest..

Jeryc said...

Landing strip is nice... Clean shaven is kinda tough. I gotta shave mine off every 3-4 days and its kinda prickly too...

Rock Hard said...

I keep mine at the letter W. The rest are off.
Design is easy if you got plenty of pubic hair to start with..must be thick and closely knitted. It's easily to style in anything you want.
Barely there? I suggest you either keep it long enough to do plaiting or might as well shave it off to save you the trouble.

Yu-Kym said...

Anon, that one requires the use of a wax strip with a heart shape cut out, or if I'm shaving off the rest, I need a heart-shaped sticker to stick onmyself while I shave off uncovered hair.

Jeryc, have to shave daily... it grows out fast!

Rock Hard, why W? Plaiting LOL. Now you're into hairstyling for pubic area too? :P

Jeryc said...

Yeah, gotta do it daily. But heck... I just wait for 3-4 days to shave... No one going to see it anyway... LOL... But its kinda tough to shave ours...

Yu-Kym said...

Jeryc, hair removal can be quite a pain for women For men, I can imagine it's even more challenging. Some people say the area feels itchy after shaving. For me, the area feels itchy if I don't shave.

Jeryc said...

Its the same pain in men... Just that I dun think the idea of waxing sounds good to me. For men, it is both. Pre and post shave always feel itchy. Then again, which men are not itchy down there... LOL

Yu-Kym said...

Jeryc, LOL you are right. Only if it's cut off then it won't be itchy.

Anonymous said...

i cut myself the Mohawk pretty sexy; dont never use a razor use an archer works 100% better

cfm said...

try using Schick Quattro for Women - Trimstyle, its a waterproof bikini trimmer.. saw it at fairprice..

billie said...

I don't go for waxing too. Cutting pubic hair with the use of scissors will be itchy if the hair grows. Hahhahaah I've been through that step.
I heard that laser hair removal is considered a permanent hair removal.
Well, I would loved to have this permanent hair removal.

Anonymous said...


Pls do go for the permanent hair removal the laser way. You will not regret your new found sexual experience once u get it done. I know girls who have done it and have seen the results and what it does to enhance sexual excitement.

But be forewarned! Once you are "bare", you will not want to return to "hair" again. And also you wouldnt want your male companion to also have hair down there! Hair becomes disgusting and an inhibition to more pleasureable sex lol

silli cat

lancebillie said...
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lancebillie said...
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blybowni said...

It what goes on between your ears and not the activity between your legs that counts most.

outin said...

It's not the outside that counts.

When love flows between the two of us, every thrust I make and the pulsating embrace of your love canal reciprocating around my manhood are what creates the most pleasurable moments. Then our love juices will spurt and flow unabated...

You know what I mean Kym. You've experienced it more than once.

Thanks for those moments... :p

Anonymous said...



But try see if something nice happens between the ears when something disgusting happens between the legs lol

silli cat

Anonymous said...

So Outin,

What happened thereafter? Why discontinue those moments? Why not continue to live them and not relegate them to only memories? keke

silli cat

Outin said...

Silli Cat,

Kym's pure lust. Kym can last.
You need energy to dive, repeatedly to satisfy, her high sex drive.
Till you feel her gooey slippery gum when Kym cums.

Anonymous said...


Those fortunate people (including you) who have had experiences you described with incredibly sexual women the likes of Yu-Kym are the envy of many.

But the curiosity still remains. Why not continue to live those moments real time instead of assigning them to the past?

silli cat

Julia said...
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