Nobody gets fat by eating nothing

Many people think that celebrities have privy to some diet secret that they're not sharing. I'm telling you: it's bullshit. All bullshit.

Many people spend their time and money buying and reading diet books and trying out the latest diet fads. They spend a great deal of money on diet pills too. I'd rather spend my money on supplements like vitamins and Imedeen (yes, I swallow); and my time exercising and reading health (not diet) books.

Genetics and food portions
Not all of us are born with good looks but being fat or thin is a choice (except if the person has medical problems). Even my friend from Junior College who has asthma and was overweight then managed to slim down after changing her diet and lifestyle. It's true that some lucky people have higher metabolic rate than others so they can eat all they want and not get fat. Most people who are overweight use this as an excuse for not being able to slim down. Or they will say that their parents are fat therefore being fat is genetic. The truth is, when I have meals with the people who are always complaining that they are fat they tend to eat ALOT. Typically 1.5 to 2 times of my portion. It's no wonder that they are twice my size! Most people eat more than they should out of habit. When I was young, my father used to tell me to eat till I felt very full. He said it was good to eat that way. Many think that they should finish all the food because they feel guilty about wasting food. Another observation is: all members of the family are fat because they eat the same unhealthy food.

Choice of food and hidden calories
Choice of food matter. There are people who have no idea how many calories their food contain. I don't count calories but I know more or less which food contains more calories. E.g. roti prata is deceiving small but is jam-packed with calories, chicken rice is so tasty because chicken fat is dripped into the rice, "small" snacks like curry puffs are calorie-laden, and you won't want to know how much FAT goes into super-moist chocolate cakes (it's not moisture; it's oil!).

I learnt how much flour, sugar and fat goes into food by learning to make some of them myself. Gosh, can I make a super-moist double-fudge chocolate cake! One thing good about cooking and baking my own food is: I know and control what goes in it. The people who sell food usually don't care how unhealthy it is as long as you keep buying it.

The "once in a while" excuse
Maybe it's true that they eat something unhealthy, say an ice cream, once in a while. But if they consume a different type of "once in a while" food every day, then that's not once in a while anymore! (E.g. Mon: Ice cream, Tue: Cake, Wed: Char Kuey Teow, Thu: Hokkien Mee, etc)

Nobody gets fat by eating nothing.
Nobody loses weight by exercising only their mouth muscles (complaining that they are fat).

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Anonymous said...

Decipline is the word, and do it with consistency without fail then you can achieved whatever ojective you desire.It is not easy to achieved those goals as most people tend to gave up half way through and will came up with reasons to justify it, example tireness, once in a while thing, can't be able to find anything healthy to eat, lazy to prepare a meal, i mean only those with determined mind will succeed.

charles lim said...

When I was working with a fitness centre, it's sad to see members eat junk food after a good work out. Exercise is still the best way to loose fat

David said...


You are absolutley correct on everything in this post. Hidden calories are everwhere.

One simply has to excersise if one is to lose weight. Portion size if so important.

As you stated, very occasional unhealthy foods are okay. However half a liter of ice cream or 1L of a soft drink ruin or at least set back otherwise healthy eating.

Anon, I believe the word is discipline.


Rock Hard said...

Ther are 3 types of body.

1) Ectomorph - eat a lot still slim or skinny, but if they take plenty of junk food, they became skinny fat..meaning, skinny arms, legs with pencil thick neck but with some pot belly..

2) Endomorph - eat air and drink water will becomes fat, water retention maybe? Natural fat, gain mass very fast. reduce calories is the best way.

3) Masomorph - eat normal, becomes muscular, thick bones.hour glass shape for females.. These are the so call lucky ones..but they could easily shift over to Endomorph when they age..

Knowing what body group you belongs to..helps..exercise is good but nothing compare to choosing your food wisely.

I see many so called enthusiatic cyclist doning all the racing cyclist attired with helmets and tight pants..cycle hundreds of kilometers..yet they look like humpty dumpty to me..pot belly and looking very out of shape..When I enquire what they do when they cycle over long distance? for every 10 - 15 km they cycle..they take a break at some coffee shop eating come curry puff or prata with soft drinks!!!
Damn..what a way to slim...Hahahahaha

Yu-Kym said...

Anonymous, I agree that discipline makes all the difference. Without it, the only success that people can get is success in being a bum.

charles lim, it's quite funny to hear people keep complaining that they go to the gym often but still can't lose weight when they keep eating junk food after their workout!

David, I find those scenes where actors pig out on a big tub of ice cream on US TV shows a tad disgusting :P

Rock Hard, oh yeah! Like those guys we say at the hawker center. Wonder how much rounder they got since then...

Junjie said...

I am one of those who have a pretty high metabolic rate, but I pay for eating junk food in other ways. :) Anyway, I find that I can get away with eating bad stuff IF I load up with fruits for breakfast and drink loads of water during the day.

My prob is not getting fat, it's finding it really difficult to bulk up. I really look scrawny, and I don't like that. I could of course try to gym my way through it, but that would mean loads of DOMS, which would mess up the other physical stuff I need to do during the day. Ah well... :)

Yu-Kym said...

Junjie, you can bulk up. My rock climbing friend used to be skinny. Need to carry weights to bulk up.

Anonymous said...

You congratulate yourself that you put in the effort which brought you the shape and weight you want. So you boast to others how your disciplined lifestyle got you your excellent physical form.

In reality, some ppl eat and eat and just wont put on. Some eat just a little and still put on. Some of course live in denial, recklessness or dreamland and claim they eat little but in reality eat more than they should and therefore put on. Some eat a little more than they should but do not do anything or do little to shed away what excess they took in and gradually piled on the kilos etc etc

Pretty or ugly, some of course deserve the shape they get themselves into!

Like RockHard has mentioned, the truth is nature has bestowed different people with different body types or make ups. Different genetic traits governing metabolic rates etc. too influence their eating and shedding habits and therefore their ease or difficulty in acheiving a certain desired bodyshape and weight.

So those of you who are endowed by nature and have it relatively easy with only a reasonable effort to maintain your sexy body, dont pour scorn on others too much. You are simply luckier with a combination of good genetic attributes.

Enjoy your good fortune, feel confident and sexy, have a great sex life and try not to put down others less endowed than you. For if you are too smirk or conceited, God giveth God taketh and you may very well see yourself everyday in front of an haagen dazs' queue after your BurgerKing ritual! lol

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

If I drink lard daily, I'm sure I will grow fat regardless of my body type! Choice of food matters. I may eat "alot" for lunch - a bowl of fish noodle soup compared to someone else may eat very "little" - a curry puff. Calories are not measured using the weight or size of the food but not many (especially those who are overweight) seem to understand that.