Nipple whitening cream

I see nipple lightening creams being sold in pharmacies. In Bangkok's MBK shopping center, many cosmetic shops sell a wide range of such creams. Do these really work or are they harmful? There seems to be no end to whitening products. First, women wanted to whiten the skin on their faces and now their nipples?

I am aware that some guys go crazy over pink nipples. "Oh, it's pink!!!" In fact, some guys even say that brown nipples are a complete turn off. However, other guys say that they are not overly concerned about the colour as long as the nipple is more like a juicy grape than a dried raisin.

I'm not going to tell you what colour mine is or post pictures but I can tell you that I won't be trying any of these creams.


David said...


Anything that permanently changes skin color must be viewed with suspicion.

I truly doubt most men care about nipple colour.

Leave them natural.

It does appear many Asian want to have lighter skin. As I have mentioned before, that here in the States Asian men and women, (even those born here), are most often considered attractive because of their differences!


Nipple whitening cream works the same as skin whitening cream.

It whitens the dark pigments on the nipple.

Generally, it is not harmful to the nipple.

However, it may causes some complication in breastfeeding.

Yu-Kym said...

David, likewise in Asia, some people regard Caucasians are more attractive because of difference in facial features, skin colour, and penis size.

Professor, the skin on nipples and skin on face are different. I don't feel "generally" safe about it.

Jeryc said...

Well, no guys died from it. I guess it works to a certain extend...

Yu-Kym said...

Jeryc, maybe it's not reported or doesn't work?

Rock Hard said...

Why would any retard men wants to view a nipple the same colour tone as the breast?
That's as good as viewing a breast inside a wet t-shirt.
Give me a nice perky large areola tits with dark colour anytime!