A necrophiliac visited Body Worlds exhibition

"Not enough pussies and vaginas!"

This comment occupied a full page in the guest book at the Body Worlds exhibition. I couldn't believe my eyes. I wanted to rip the page off.

A necrophiliac is a person who is sexually attracted to dead bodies, sometimes to the extent of enjoying "sex" with them.

There were a fair number of male corpses at the exhibition with their well-preserved penises and testes (balls) exposed. One corpse even had his/its penis dissected into 4 parts!

There were relatively fewer female corpses, of which only about 3 had breasts with nipples and 1 had her/its reproductive organs exposed. I can see why a necrophiliac would be frustrated.

For the rest of us who went there to be educated, I think we would have no such complaint.


Rock Hard said...

There are some sick fuck who will sneak into the morgue and have sex with some dead female celebrity or dead beautiful woman.
I wonder will they get some kind of virus from that?
Maggots swimming up their urethra?

Yu-Kym said...

Wonder whether undertakers have such fetish.