Love bites

What is a love bite?
A love bite is a bruise caused by broken blood vessels under the skin. The mark looks reddish and lasts for a few days to a week.

How is it done?
A love bite is given not by literally biting a person but by placing a slightly opened mouth on the skin and sucking the area. The recipient of the bite would feel some pain - obviously because you are damaging the blood vessels.

Why do people enjoy giving love bites?
- To mark their "territory",
- To leave their partners with "souvenirs",
- They enjoy inflicting pain,
- Their partners enjoy it and want it, and/or
- They have vampire tendencies (or maybe it was part of role-playing).

Do people enjoy receiving and having love bites?
Different people have different pain thresholds. Some may find the pain pleasurable so they may enjoy receiving love bites while others may not like any form of pain. [Pain fetish: Where pain is pleasure]
Some people may enjoy flaunting the love bites to their friends and the general public but most people would rather keep their private lives private. Love bites may invite unwanted attention and questions. If they are working adults, it might be unprofessional to go to the office with visible love bites. If they can't resist getting love bites, getting bitten on unexposed parts of the body would be an option.

I don't like bruises on my skin if I can help it so I would rather not receive any love bites. It feels kind of juvenile though I have to admit that it turns me on to look at the mark on my skin. As for giving love bites, unless the guy really wants it, I don't see much fun in it. Besides, I'm sure guys would rather have some other area of the body sucked.


Anonymous said...

how bout love bite on the butt then, i'm sure nobody will see it hahahaha

Yu-Kym said...

The skin at the butt is thick. Difficult to get a mark there :P

David said...


Fascinating post! Nostalgic for me.

Love bites, as you call them are known in most of the states by the term hickey.

I have never seen an adult over 30 yrs of age with evidence of a love bite. Perhaps adults discreetly hide them under clothing.

Teens almost use them a badge of accomplishment here. At least if the love bite was given by someone regarded at hot.

Thank you for making me laugh!


Yu-Kym said...

David, out here we call them love bites. I've never heard of the term hickey till I searched "love bite" on the internet. And ya, I've not seen an adult (in person) over 30 years of age with love bites either!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear,

My fling loves to leave his love bites on me! The first time he did it on my shoulder, it was so painful. The second time it was on my hand. I get bruises easily and I have to hide it for a while from everyone.

Honestly, I get addicted. Pain is pleasure... I miss it so much!!

Anonymous said...

i got a lovebite on my tongue :/
is that unusual?

Yu-Kym said...

Anon, your fling is vampire? :D

Anon, how to get lovebite on tongue??