I bet your first dose of "blue" wasn't blue!

What a disaster! US children got exposed to a different type of "blue" on cable TV. Playboy channel was broadcast instead of children's television programs! They are tainted for life!! :0

When did you receive your first dose of blue? (No, I'm not referring to the Smurfs.)

I "officially" watched a soft porn flick starring voluptuous actress Amy Yip at my gal friend's house. The video tape (there were not VCD's or DVD's back then) belonged to her brother. She said her brother would be home anytime so she had to sit by the VCR to eject the tape and run to return the tape to its rightful place in his room. So my other friend and I sat on the sofa to "enjoy" the show. There were topless women in pond making out - some lesbian thingy. We didn't watch it for very long because owner of the video tape returned home soon after. My friend executed her plan with great precision!

It was quite an experience! I wonder whether my friends remember that. I am still in touch with the runner. I shall try to ask her when I catch her alone one of these days :P

This was not my first experience with porn. But I can't divulge anything at the moment :X

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David said...


You appear to enjoy soft porn.

Its all over the internet. You can order most of Ms. Yip's movies from Amazon.com

It had some appeal before I was married.

Let's face the facts, in hard core porn or soft porn most of the babes are unrealistically endowed, have insatiable sexual appetites and other wise live in a true fantasy world.
(OTOH, there is a great deal we do not know about Yu-Kym ? ? ? !)


Yu-Kym said...

David, there's no interesting porn for women. I agree that porn is more fantasy than reality.

Rock Hard said...

Unless the porn features some damn good looking men of all races woshiping some athletics asian woman and pleasing her in all sorts of manner.

You want to watch that?

I can direct that porn flick just for you.


Yu-Kym said...

Annabel Chong video?