Hen parties are meant to be wild

A bachelorette party, also known as a hen party, is one that is held for a woman who is soon to be married. It is to celebrate her last days as a bachelorette.

Have you ever attended a hen party?

I've seen some at pubs. Usually the bride-to-be would be dressed with a mini tiara with a veil attached. The parties activities are pretty silly. E.g. making the bride-to-be kiss some stranger. How fun is that if the stranger isn't hot, or worse still if he's gross? It seems more like a plan to sabotage and embarrass the bride-to-be. What a way to spend her last days as a bachelorette!

I've never been to a hen party but if my friends ever invite me to a hen party, most likely it's going to be something like this. Such "parties" are so boring I could fall asleep and require a prince charming to wake me up.

Can't we have wild hen parties with hot strippers and dancers? If you've not been to one, I'm sure you've at least seen videos where a stripper dressed as a policeman arrests the bride and handcuffs her to the chair while he strips and dances in front of her. I've heard that you can even tip the guys to get them give you a "private show". Perhaps most women here are too conservative for this sort of thing? They might feel offended. Or maybe they don't do it because they are afraid their husbands-to-be would be upset. But a hen party is meant to be memorable, no? After getting married, the women might feel they have been missing out on something and end up having affairs. Isn't one of the purposes of a hen party to ensure that they've had enough fun before getting married?

To my gal friends: if you want a wild party, appoint me as the hen party organiser. Otherwise, don't even bother to invite me. And please organise a wild party for me if I'm the one getting married!

Questions to guys:
If you found out that your wife-to-be had a wild hen party, would you be upset? How wild is too wild for you?
Questions to guys:
Would you attend a hen party if you know it's going to be a wild one? How wild is too wild for you?


Anonymous_CB said...

#1 For wife-to-be, anything is fine, except until oral/physical sex.

#2 For me to attend as guest, yes. No limit, unless she is going to be my wife. Then refer #1 :-p

Anonymous said...

Actually, I've tried to hire a stripper before.

Not only are they are to locate, they charge $500/hour... No guarantee of quality.

You still on?

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Mmm, for u babe i will do pole dance for your party lol.. if u dun mind & FOC since it's for friends and yes, it's my passion! :P

As for the part u mentioned: "After getting married, the women might feel they have been missing out on something and end up having affairs.." i agreed since it's novelty for the bride-to-be but then again one shld stick by his or her convictions. Having an affair is a no-no and worst hurting the one u promised to spend the rest of your life with.

Some things are just better left in fantasies.

David said...


Many women here do hire male strippers.

There are some male strip groups like the Chippendales, http://www.chippendales.com/the_men/index.php and Thunder From Down Under, http://www.thunderfromdownunder.com/#/blokes, are the best known male strippers. Hen parties are frequent attendees.

Do let us know if you ever participate in such a party.


Black Onyx said...

Hen nights are way too tame in SG, cos the people are not exposed to how wild things can get. When I was in UK, I was asked to give a condom with my mobile no on it. End of the night, they would hold a lucky draw. And the lucky condom and the winner would get a prize too. I dun know the prize, as I did not win.

In SG, i was ask if I can be fed chocolate by the bride-to-be. BORING.

#1: As I am going to marry her, I trust her to have her limits too. I prefer to not to know the fine details, but I sure she will not be unfateful to me. :)

#2: I was part of many hen nights, as a bar staff. But as a guest, I guess the limit is crossed when there are partial nudity or actual sexual acts.

Yu-Kym said...

Anon, how was the "quality"?

Pink Miu Miu, so nice of you! thanks! Actually, it's a good idea to have pole dancing. Less offensive to women who don't like to see male strippers, and they get to learn something.

David, I've seen some videos of hen parties. Wild!!!

Black Onyx, perhaps the prize was more condoms? Or a private show? Yeah, fed chocolate by the bride-to-be is BORING.

Anonymous said...

hello yu kym..come across your blog and found it to be interesting..

i 21 this year but have never been in a relationship or having physical contact with any girls b4...u know as we grow up our sexual desire increased...i really want to try sex...i even thought of going to prostitute...any advice for me? why must we have sexual desire...it really very hard to control it...espcally for man...

sorry for my bad english..

Anonymous said...

Yu Kym,

I never attend hen party before. I hope can have chance to join and perform as male stripper for fun but not for money. I don't mind to do any private show as long as they are open minded enough to watch and can make me high.

Yu-Kym said...

Anon, sexual desire is natural. All living things need to reproduce. Masturbation is natural, especially for men. I wouldn't recommend going to prostitutes. Though in some countries in the past, bringing a boy to a prostitute was part of helping him to "grow up". In Singapore and Malaysia, I don't think it is socially acceptable. Having sex with prostitutes or having sex at all might bring you more trouble than relief, e.g. diseases.

Anon, a male stripper's job is to entertain the women and make them high, not for the women to make the stripper feel high.

Anonymous said...

Yu Kym,
I mean if they are too conservative and shy to watch, then I wont feel that I able to entertain to make them high by stripping. If they are open minded, I dont mind strip until naked and do anything to make them high.

Anonymous said...

I think a Hen party should be one that a bride to be learn all the ways and technics to satisfy and enjoy her sex life when they get married. So that she wont be green horn on her wedding night. Also able to learn how to handle her husband to be's sexual satisfaction.

Yu-Kym said...

Anon, how about old aunties? Would you do it?

Kfr, shouldn't that be the mother's job? LOL

Anonymous said...

Yu Kym,
Old aunties? sure, why not IF they open-minded enough to accept watching young man strip dancing until naked in front them. But old aunties usually more conservative than young ladies.

Yu-Kym said...

Oh really? See this article: Grannies go gaga over erotic male dancers. http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2010/3/8/nation/5814886&sec=nation

Anonymous said...

Yu Kym,
then I never heard of that. But if there is a chance for me to dance, I would like to perform in hen's parties even to old aunties. So inform me if u need me one day.

Lily Crawford said...

Pole dancing at the hen party seems to be wild. However, there's a limitation onto it. Pole dancing is an art and may also be performed as art only and not with something else.

pole dancing hens night

Anonymous said...

As far as a good physical workout, pole dancing could be suitable for some.. but where eroticism is concerned, pole dancing is a pathetic attempt at it and a poor cousin to dancing with a man as the pole! heh!

curious cat

Hen Weekends said...
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anthony said...
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yeah a man as a pole and a girl dancing around him would be pretty cool

Anonymous said...

Somehow a man dancing around a girl is not as cool isnt it? It doesnt quite have the same sexual or erotic effect! lol

silli cat

Hen Paties said...
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Hen Nights said...
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